Monday, June 25, 2018

Throwback Monday

                               Nine years ago we lost one of my all-time favorite artists.
I can't believe it's almost 10 years.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Rapper XXXtentacion Dies

The Hollywood Gossip
Sad news for the hip-hop world.
20 year old rapper, XXXtentacion, was shot and killed in South Florida today.
The Florida native was leaving a motorsport store this afternoon when two men in SUVs shot and killed him, in an apparent robbery.
The rising rap star was known for the song Look at Me and others.
He was known recently for a domestic violence case involving his pregnant girlfriend.
Rappers took to social media to honor the fallen star.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Drop Surprise Joint Album

Instagram: @beyonce
After seeing the spoilers online of the OTR II tour, I was upset because I saw similarities from the Formation Tour and Beychella performances.
I found it hard to believe that Bey and the Carters would do us in the hive like this.
I was proven wrong and I coudn't have been happier.
The album, Love Is Everything,  dropped and I was in the middle of a baby shower of my good friend's. So, I wasn't able to indulge until later.
The songs are a grown and mature vibe from Bey and HOV.
Gone are the poppy tunes of Crazy In Love and Upgrade U and more of a raw sound. More Drunk In Love. 
The songs address more political and social issues. The NFL. Cultural appropriation. Jay's love affair. Their kids. ETC.
I admit, it was a little slow at first. But it grew on me when I heard the songs I liked. 
So, what are my fave songs?
The Carters forced us to go APESHIT when they dropped the amazing video for the song.
The video was filmed in the Louvre. THE MUSEUM, GUYS!!!
Watch the history being made below. 

My other favorites?

The Carters have definitely grown up.
They don't need to sell for the masses anymore.
They don't need to worry about making money... they can make the music they want to make.
In the photos surfaced on social media from the tour and the tour book, the couple is more open. They seem to be in a better place and finally letting us all in.

Throwback Monday

In honor of the World Cup.
One of my favorite OGs who wrote a song dedicated to his favorite soccer team. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Throwback Monday

                                      In honor of the 10th anniversary of Tha Carter III,
Here's one of my favorite singles from the album.
This album was absolute FIRE and definitely changed the rap game and had everyone and their mom know who Lil' Wayne was.
What's your favorite from the album?