Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review

Fleet Week!

Friends since Jr. High!

Friends getting married and having babies!

Finally seeing Janet (Miss Jackson, if you're nasty) in concert!

Seeing Lil' Wayne in concert!

Finally getting Magnolia cupcakes in L.A.

Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour

Meeting DJ Khaled

My grandfather honored at Angel Island

Meeting my nephew, Blake!

First time in Whistler

Wine-tasting in Napa

More friends getting married!

Experiencing Disneyland at Halloween time

Halloween with my favorites!


Katy Perry concert

Company holiday party with one of my favorites!

Meeting Snoop and Wiz


Took my first pole dancing class!

Christmas with  my mini-me

Friday, December 30, 2011

Russell and Katy Split

Oh man, another Hollywood couple divorce before the end of 2011! I really liked Katy and Russell together!

According to TMZ, it was Brand who filed for divorce from Perry just days after the pair were spotted celebrating the Christmas holiday separately.

TMZ says:
In the docs, filed in L.A., Brand cites "irreconcilable differences." The two got married Oct. 23, 2010 in India.  They have no kids.

The divorce docs say there are "community property assets" -- it's a sign there might not be a prenup, or if there is one it doesn't cover all of the earnings and other assets they accumulated.

The docs do not give a date the couple separated.

Russell has released a statement, claiming, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

Russell proposed to Katy in India on New Year's Eve 2009 -- nearly two years ago ... to the day.

Sources had told TMZ the couple was having problems, evidenced by the fact that they spent Christmas apart and neither was wearing a wedding ring.

Although it's not 100%, based on what we now know it appears Brand may have blindsided Perry by filing the divorce petition.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Watch the Throne....Don't Step on Our Robe

Since the album dropped this past summer, I've been debating whether or not to see this year's most buzzed about concert: Watch The Throne.

I debated seeing it locally, seeing it in Vancouver with my cousins, to seeing it locally again. I debated whether or not the pricey tickets were worth it and who to see it with. Finally, a week before the concert I bit the bullet and my friend Jamila and I decided to see the show....and boy I'm glad we did!

First off, tickets in the nosebleeds were priced at $80, so I thought I'd try my luck at closer seats and we found FLOOR seats for a really good price! Yes, FLOOR seats! We were only feet away from Hov and Yeezy. 
Hello, making December my bitch once again!

So glad we made the decision to come!!!

The concert was ah-mazing! All of my favorite hits from the WTT album were played, also the artists' solo hits. When Jay would take the stage, Kanye would sidle off unnoticed, and vice versa. Later on, the two would stay onstage while each performed their solo hits ie: Big Pimpin', Hard Knock Life, Gold Digger, Monster, Love Lockdown, Heartless, etc..

While the duo performed New Day, Kanye got really sentimental and discussed how he's been through some rough times these past 2 years. I immediately assumed his late-2009 antics at the MTV VMAs , the death of his mom and his break-up with Amber Rose. He told the crowd how he was afraid to walk by balconies, afraid he was going to jump off. He then said that because he got through all of these hard times... anyone and get through anything!

He said that people are always telling him to "be humble", but noone ever tells him to "be awesome", "be amazing" and "be great!". So, he told the crowd to "Be great!" "Be AMAZING!" and "Be AWESOME".

Kanye immediately struck a chord with me when he said "Be amazing".

Then the big finale, Jigga and 'Ye performed their smashg Ni**as in Paris, 3 times!! They played it twice  for the finale, then came back for the encore to perform it one last time!
Honestly, the concert was so amazing...I forgot they didn't even perform this song yet!

You Never Know What Life is Going to Throw at You

Since 2011 kind of sucked for me, I decided to unofficially make December my bitch, because....well, why wouldn't I? Also, because I felt it was a good lesson on how to create your own happiness instead of relying on outside factors.

So, I tried....but after a few days into the month I began to regret my decision since the month was basically making me its bitch instead of the other way around...until one day changed all of that.

I was just minding my own business at work, when I heard Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa were in my building visiting the radio station a couple of floors beneath me. Determined to go forward on my goal, I grabbed my coworkers and we met the hip-hop stars. I couldn't believe it! I was just listening to Young and Wild and Free on my way into work that morning!

I didn't know what to say to the pair when I met them so I stuck out my hand and introduced myself. I shook hands with Wiz, and then went to shake hands with Snoop when all of the sudden he says Gimme some love! I wanted to die! So, I gave him a hug....then Wiz says....Well, I was gonna give you some love too, but oh well. I wanted to die again! I quickly  gave Wiz a hug as well, snapped my picture and thanked them.....they both called me sweetheart!

Does that not sound like the best day ever!?!

It just goes to show you, you never know what the day can bring!

Another Year Older...and None the Wiser

Alright, so I'm a little late....well a month and 17 days too late for this post...but here it is!
Around the Bay Gal recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of her 21st birthday in style.
I felt truly blessed to have so many great friends join me to celebrate my special day (well, a week after)! These people are beautiful and amazing!

Theme of the evening: Be Amazing....and that's how I'm truly going to live this year!

The Jay-Z to my Beyonce.
I <3 my Noshookhands!

I'm one lucky girl!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Throwback Monday

After seeing the WTT concert a week and a half ago (expect a blog post soon), I forgot how much I used to love this song....especially the beat!

Favorite line: "Read a book you illiterate son of a bitch, step of yo vocab." I was a freshman in high school when this song came out and was glad Pimp C cared about my vocabulary.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

R.I.P. Mac Dre, Imma Do it for the Bay

Drizzy Drake has finally released the video for this single, Motto, and the video was filmed in the Bay Area!
Yay Arrrrrreeeeeaaaaaa!

I can't help but feel a sense of pride when I see Weezy, Tyga, Drake and E-40 rapping together with the Bay waters and Bay Area skyline in the background. I also love that they show Drizzy driving down the Bay Bridge.
Damn, Bay made it!

Drake ~ The Motto Featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Note Weezy's dance moves in the video. hahaha.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kardashian Khristmas Kard

I have a love/hate relationship with this family, but I love their christmas cards!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan out-did themselves, again with a fabulous Christmas card photo. This time it's in 3D!

via Kourtney Kardashian's website
Rob, Kendall, Kylie

Bruce and Kris

Khloe and Lam Lam

Poor, Kim. All alone.

Mason is so cute!

Let's Go Niners!

The 49ers are on Monday Night Football tonight as they host they Pittsburgh Steelers at good ol' Candlestick Park!

Let's Go Niners!!!!

Throwback Monday

Merry Christmas from Around the Bay Gal and skinny-Xtina Aguilera circa 2000.

My grandparents actually watched this TV special when it aired and became Christina fans afterwards. Isn't that precious?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Britney's Engaged!

Jason Trawick has finally popped the question and Britney Spears is off the market!
Trawick proposed to Spears on bended knee, not without first asking Papa Spears for permission first..just days after her 30th birthday.

What a great birthday present!

The pair celebrated their engagement and Trawick's 40th birthday in Viva Las Vegas. Of course, like any new bride, Brit Brit showed off her 3-carat Neil Lane bling.

Congrats Britney! You deserve it!

Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa Split

Seems like homegirl has had enough!
About 8 years after Vanessa stood by her man when he admitted his infidelity..Mrs. Bryant has had enough.

Kobe can't buy another ring to get out of this one!
TMZ reports: 
Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Vanessa decided to end the marriage because she believes Kobe has been unfaithful ... again.

As one source puts it, "She's been dealing with these incidents for a long time and has been a faithful wife, but she's finally had enough," adding, "This one is the straw that broke the camel's back."

And our sources say ... Kobe "desperately" wants to win Vanessa back and will do "whatever it takes" to save their 10 1/2 year marriage.

According to the legal docs, Vanessa is asking for joint custody of their 2 daughters -- 8-year-old Natalia and 5-year-old Gianna -- but Vanessa is asking that Kobe get visitation rights, which means she wants the kids in her care most of the time.

We've learned the couple has NO PRENUP
, so 29-year-old Vanessa is entitled to half of the empire Kobe built over the last decade.

She's also requesting spousal support ... which is typical in divorce cases.  Kobe, who filed his response to the divorce minutes after Vanessa filed her petition, says he will pay her spousal support.

Good for Vanessa, putting her foot down and no longer dealing with The Black Mamba's cheating ways!
I used to hate on Vanessa because of the rumors of her crazy ass asking that NO ladies be in Kobe's presence...and used to call her a wannabe Kim Kardashian.....but big ups to her!
Hang in there Vanessa!