Monday, February 25, 2019

Throwback Monday

                                Congratulations to Lady Gaga on her Oscar win! I remember seeing Gaga at a small venue in San Francisco in 2009 when she was promoting her debut album. She has come a long way and I couldn't be prouder.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Keeping Up With Kylie, Khloe, Jordyn and Tristan

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This had me over the edge.
Like, I still can't believe this.
Jordyn had one job.... be Kylie's loyal friend and commit to the loyalty to continue to secure her bag. She threw it all away for TRISTAN THOMPSON.
Not Lebron....
Not Steph Curry....
Not Russel Westbrook...
For those who are still lost.
Kylie Jenner's BFF, Jordyn Woods is an aspiring (emphasis on aspiring) model and influencer.
Well, she got a little too comfortable and was seen canoodling with Cleveland Cavalier, Tristan Thompson.
Tristan is Khloe Kardashian's baby-daddy and on/off boyfriend.
Khloe and Kylie are sisters.
There you have it.
Reports say Jordyn is (rightly) distraught and keeps calling Khloe and Kylie and they're not having it.
Jordyn was considered a member of the family and they whole KarJenner clan is upset.
Jordyn was Kylie's ride-or-die and now the youngest of the family doesn't know what to do.
Meanwhile, Khloe broke up with Tristan... for the 238120981051 time... but who knows if those two will make amends.
A few days after the bombshell, Jordyn made an appearance at her false lash line release party, Eylure Jordyn Woods Summer Heir, making a small remark about the drama.

 This story is so unreal to me.
Like, I can't believe Jordyn would get caught up with that loser.
I guess we're going to have to watch this unfold on KUWTK, but it's a little too quiet on the KarJenner front.
All the sisters have unfollowed Jordyn on the 'gram.
Kylie's collab with her ex-BFF is still for sale at regular price, but the Jordy lipkit was marked down and has since soldout.
Jordyn was a model for Khloe's Good American denim line, but reports say she's since been removed.
Best of luck in life, Jordyn.
These memes about the situation have given me LIFE. 

R. Kelly Remains In Jail; Unable to Make Bail

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Chicago Police Dept.
Cook County had their hands full this week. 
R. Kelly is still in jail.
Yesterday, a judge granted Kelly's bond at one million dollars and he's not able to pay the $100,000. So, he's still in the clink.
On Friday, Chicago prosecutors indicted the singer on 10 counts of aggravated assault on four victims. Three of them were allegedly underage during the encounters.
Lawyer Michael Avenatti says last week he obtained a tape that shows Kelly having sex with an underage girl. That tape was handed over to the authorities, hence why the charges came down on the R&B singer.
But his problems don't stop there.
Kelly allegedly owes about $169K in unpaid child support.
The indictment comes after decades of accusations of sexual misconduct with underage girls and women.
It will be interesting to see how this will turn out as well.
Will Joycelyn Savage and Dominique Gardner return to their families?
Will he finally be locked up for good, essentially permanently muting the singer?
In the past 8 years or so, people have been calling for R. Kelly's day in court and his karma, it looks like it's finally arrived. 

Jussie Smollet's Saga

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Chicago Police Dept.

This past week was FULL of celebrity news.
I didn't even know where to start nor did I know how to even tackle this.
But let's start with Jussie Smollett.
Late last month, the Empire actor claimed he was beaten by two men wearing MAGA hats while they yelled racial and homophobic remarks at the actors... then poured a strange liquid on him and tied a noose around his neck.
Well, fast forward to this past week.
Chicago police say Smollett fabricated the entire thing.
He paid an extra in Empire along with his brother $3500 with.a.check (yes, he had a paper trail).  Surveillance video also surfaced of the two men buying the rope from the local hardware store.
Also, the two men told the cops.
Police say Smollett did this because he was dissatisfied with his salary on Empire.
Smollett eventually made bail, then rushed to the set of the Fox hit, to convince his costars he was telling the truth. 
Welp, the executive producers of the show say Smollett will NOT be appearing in the final two episodes of the next season.
TMZ says Smollett hired one of the brothers to help him get in shape for an upcoming music video. Though that doesn't prove he didn't do it, it could provide reasonable doubt in court.
This was so mind-blowing to me because so many Hollywood heavyweights rallied around Smollett... only to be hoodwinked.
I'm sure in less than a year Smollett will be on a VH1 reality show about needing some kind of rehab or he'll do a special with Iyanla or Dr. Drew. #bet.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Throwback Monday

                                         7 years ago today, Miss Whitney Houston passed away. Also, lastnight women ruled the Grammys. So, to honor both. This is this week's throwback.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Throwback Monday

                                         Like many of you, I too was UNDERWHELMED by the Super Bowl halftime show.
First off, Atlanta has MANY iconic artists who should've performed during halftime (yes, I know Big Boi is from the ATL).
I know, the Super Bowl and the NFL has been a source of contention right now.
But if it were up to me, this would've been my choice.