Monday, May 4, 2020

Throwback Monday

                                                   Apologies for neglecting this space.
Once the Rona reared its ugly head, my day job has been keeping me busy.
However, I hope you all continue to follow me on the 'gram!
That's where I keep my most up-to-date celeb news.
While I'm not updating this blog, it doesn't mean I'm not up on my celeb gossip and updates.
As a member of the lambily, it isn't lost on me what the rest of us are doing to boost Mother Mariah's old... and looked past albums.
A couple of weeks ago it was E=MC2 and now it's Charmbracelet. 
While Charmie as Mariah call it came after her infamous breakdown on TRL, Mimi has always touted it as one of her faves.
So, to honor the album's resurgence here's my fave. It's a perfect message to remember during these unprecedented times.