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Yes, this is a real pic with Snoop and Wiz
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My name's Christine and I've been a pop-culture enthusiast ever since I learned how to read my mom's People magazines. In elementary school when my classmates used their book orders to buy Babysitters Club or Goosebumps books, I'd spend my parent's hard-earned cash on the books that gave me celebrity addresses.
Their money didn't totally go to waste, Janet Jackson's people did respond with a letter to join her fan club.
I once got hit on by Drake in front of a Mel's Diner in San Francisco and we proceeded to discuss how I've watched him grow from his Degrassi days. #truestorybro

Kaur- Meaning "Princess" and "Lioness" is a mandatory last name for female Sikhs. However, it is often used as a middle name.

KAURdashian- A mixture of my Sikh heritage with my love of pop-culture

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