Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Music: "Bow Down/ I Been On"- Beyonce


Have I mentioned how much Queen Bey has been killing it lately?
She's finally debuted a new single, which means that album is slowly approaching.
This song is a different sound from other Beyonce tracks. It sounds more hard and gangsta...my kind of thing. However, I'm not really feeling it. I may need to listen to it a couple of more times for it to stick like Suit &Tie. Fans on the twittersphere say it kind of reminds them of H.A.M. but I don't think so.

You all know by now how Miss Keyshia Cole isn't a fan of the song either.
When the song first came out, Cole went back to twitter to throw some shade:

@KeyshiaCole: Can't stand when people all self righteous when it's convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk shit when convenient 2 FOH

@KeyshiaCole: First "Women need to Stick together" now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it's all G! Chicks stay shooting the shit. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad  

Okay, Beyonce has been through this mess before when Destiny's Child released Cater 2 U, and critics were complaining that the group was stepping away from their Independent Woman (Question?) image.

Get over it! It's just a song. Keyshia Cole is just a hot-mess who needs to stay relevant by having a beef with someone. Lil' Kim anyone?

Either way, this is Beyonce's new song...and most likely a new sound for her.
I'm not really feeling it right now....hopefully the next tracks are better.
Until then, I'm heading to Target to get that new 20/20 Experience.

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