Tuesday, March 19, 2013

20/20 Experience to be Released into Two Parts


Say what?!
Justin Timberlake revealed at this album release party on Monday that "The news that this is only the first half of the album, that's true. That's all I'm gonna say!"
This follows up the rumors after ?uestlove from The Roots revealed that Timberlake will be releasing a second album coming in the Fall. According to MTV.com, "Spoiler alert," he wrote on the Okayplayer.com message boards. "20/20 Vol. 2 comes out in Nov. 10 songs now ... 10 songs later = 20 vision." 

This makes total sense, since J.T's album only has 10 songs on it, well.....+2 if you buy the album from Target.

Man, just give me the ENTIRE album so I'm ready for Legends this summer!!!

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