Monday, March 8, 2010

Could Lil' Wayne's Jail Sentence FINALLY be determined today?

Could today FINALLY be the day? The day Weezy will finally be sentenced to begin his jail term? Well, we can only hope so. Dental issues and courthouse fires aside, the rapper is set to appear before a judge this afternoon to plead guility to attempt gun possession.

MTV says the sentencing was post-poned the first time because the rapper needed 8 ROOT CANALS!

Oh, my goodness. No wonder he wears a grill!

The website goes on to say, "Judge Charles H. Solomon agreed to the last-minute request and rescheduled the proceedings for Tuesday. Then, just hours before he was set to appear before Judge Charles H. Solomon on Tuesday, a fire broke out at the Manhattan Criminal Court Building. At the first sign of smoke, the building was evacuated and all appearances were postponed. Lil Wayne's attorney, Stacey Richman, confirmed to MTV News that her client's case had temporarily been postponed as a result of the fire. The next day, Weezy's court date was once again rescheduled. "

So, will the saga end today so Lil' Wayne can hurry up and get his jail term over?

We will soon find out!

The saga continues.....

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