Monday, April 10, 2017

Janet Jackson Separates from Billionaire Husband
Just 3 months after the couple welcomed their son, Eissa, Janet Jackson has split from her husband, Qatari businessman,  Wissam Al Mana. 
The pair tied the knot in 2012 and announced it to the public a year later.
This is the 3rd marriage for Jackson.
Rumors are swirling that Al Mana was too controlling over the relationship and didn't like when Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty, wore too little during her performances and wanted her to tone down her typical sexual dance moves.
41 year old Al Mana reportedly was the one who wanted Jackson 51, to be more reclusive and wanted the family to live under strict rules while in London while Jackson was nursing their son.
The "last straw" according to Page Six "was her husband’s reluctance to show concern for Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse claims against her nephew Trent."
TMZ is reporting that the timing of the marriage may have prenup implications.

Both Janet and Wissam Al Mana are wealthy, but he far more than she. He has an estimated net worth of $1 billion. She's worth an estimated $175 mil. 
Janet, who had a prenup with husband #2 Rene Elizondo, almost certainly had a prenup with Al Mana. Such prenups are typically structured -- so the longer the marriage, the bigger the settlement.
Prenups typically have 5 and 10 year marks, which trigger more money in the pot to be divided. Janet announced in February, 2013 that she had gotten married a year earlier.  Given the date of her reported separation from Al Mana, it seems to be almost exactly at the 5 year mark of marriage.
The couple just had a baby in January, which may also have prenup implications.

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