Friday, February 10, 2017

Justin Timberlake: Why He Left *NSYNC
On Super Bowl Sunday, we all were blessed with a little taste of Justin Timberlake giving us *NSYNC vibes in the commercial for Bai.
It seems like Timberlake took that vibe and ran with it in his interview with the Hollywood Reporter . In the article,  Justin Timberlake touches on a lot of topics. Music, fatherhood, his friendship with Jimmy Fallon and leaving *NSYNC (insert record scratch).
Yup, JT's finally talking about why he left the boy band back in the early 00's.
The article actually clears up the misconception that the band broke up..they actually did not.
Back in 2002, they announced a "hiatus" and basically haven't performed after that with the exception of the 2013 VMAs to honor JT.
 "We were on a stadium tour, and I just felt like the whole thing was too big," says Timberlake, explaining why he decided to bail. "It started as a fun snowball fight that was becoming an avalanche. And, also, I was growing out of it. I felt like I cared more about the music than some of the other people in the group. And I felt like I had other music I wanted to make and that I needed to follow my heart."

The boys are still cool though.
Just last year they all got together to celebrate JC Chasez's 40th birthday.

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