Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kanye aka Blondeye West and Donald Trump Hang Out at Trump Tower


Just a month after professing his support for President-Elect Donald Trump, blonde Kanye aka Blondye and the Donald hung out and talked about life at the Trump tower in NYC on Tuesday morning. He arrived around 9am.
  According to the Associated Press, "West stood silently next to the president-elect for photos in the lobby of Trump Tower after their meeting. Asked why he wasn't speaking, West said, 'I just want to take a picture right now.'"

Trump called Yeezy a "good man" and "just a friend".
Why do they sound like lovers?

I'm not sure what this meeting means, but Kris Jenner's boy toy was there...to babysit? I don't know.  Could Trump offer 'Ye a job? Secretary of the Interior? He may think that's a design job. LOL.
Could he be performing at the inauguration? Trump has been having trouble booking an artist.

Let's not forget Kanye's wife Kim, publicly declared her support for Hillary a few months back.

Stay tuned....

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