Tuesday, November 15, 2016

People Magazine Names Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Sexiest Man Alive


I feel like a proud parent right now! Well, maybe not because that's creepy.
Maybe more of a "supportive partner".

The man on People magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive issue is none other than my boo, Dwayne Johnson.
The big reveal was on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

"In his interview with People, Johnson said he thinks the sexiest thing about him for his fans is his sense of humor.'The Rock' also shared one of the most romantic things he's ever done with his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, who is also the mother of his 11-month-old daughter.
'I was in the kitchen one morning and we were talking about Percy Sledge, [he sings] “When a man loves a woman.” And she goes, 'Oh! I love that song!' And then before we went to bed, I called her into the bedroom, put my phone on, hit play and it was [that song]. And we slow danced. On the romantic chart, that might be up there.'
The former wrestler also said there's a "good chance" that he would run for president one day.'I used to say it jokingly but every time I was asked, it was with a real genuine interest. And it was very earnest. And so I started to really think. Could I make a difference? Could I surround myself with really brilliant people to help me make decisions? Do I care about this country? And when the answers continued to come up yes, then I thought, there’s a good chance. Yeah, one day,' he told the magazine."
Of course he's super romantic, and he definitely has my vote if he EVER runs for president.
The issue hits stands on Friday (you know I'm copping like 25627428309 issues)

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