Monday, August 22, 2016

Bay Area Woman Accused of Stalking Kris Jenner and Family
Well, this doesn't give me Bay Area pride.
36 year old Christina Bankston from Newark, CA is out on $20,000 bond after allegedly terrorizing Kris Jenner for six months in 2014. The former nursing assistant is charged in a 15 count indictment. 
She cyberbullied Kris Jenner,Caitlyn Jenner, two unnamed family members and two of her assistants in that time.
She would send texts messages to Caitlyn pretending she was Kris. She hacked into Kris' iCloud and Instagram account pretending to be the momager. She would harass Kris via text and claimed she had a sex tape of her.
She would text her ""Look somewhere on your car...There's a tracking device lol lol. Well do you like the cameras don't you? I have private intimate shots of you too :) :)"
In the indictment, Bankston told police that Jenner's sister was attempting to commit suicide and would tell Jenner that she's want to see her naked and have sex with her.
Bankston is charged with six federal counts of stalking, four counts of computer hacking and one count of extortion by threat and four counts of aggravated identity theft.

TMZ broke news about the stalker back in 2014 when Bankston's hotel room at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills was raided by the FBI. They also found this creepy video of her on a ride at Disneyland expressing her love for Kris.

So creepy.

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