Monday, February 18, 2013

Beyonce's "Life is But a Dream" Review
Looking like Papa-Jigga Man 
Like the rest of America, my television on Saturday night was full of King Bey.
The only good thing about being sick over the weekend was my TV was full of copious amounts of Beyonce.
My eyes were glued to her Life is But a Dream documentary as well as her Next Chapter interview with Oprah.
I loved to be finally let into B's life, however I felt I wasn't let in all the way. Fans were still kept at arms length, which left me with some more questions. I was expecting to delve a little more into her managerial break-up with her father, her miscarriage and her life now as a mom. I felt Bey was talking in little fragments instead of whole sentences where I can fully get infomation.
But who am I kidding? This is Beyonce! She's the epitome of secret-keeping and this little bit she revealed to us, is a lot to her!
We finally got to see Baby Blue Ivy and can I just say she's ADORABLE! She looks so much like Daddy Hov.
The doc is comprised of snippets of: home movies when Beyonce was a littlem girl, concert performances, laptop video confessionals, Blue's sonogram, initmate moments of Jay and Bey singing to Coldplay's "Yellow".
Fans get a peak inside the delivery room on Blue's birthday, with Mama Knowles wrapping Bey's hair in rollers. Bey also reveals where she got the name for her baby girl, "We passed by a beautiful blue tree [overseas]. I think it's blue ivy. That would be quite appropriate." So much for those Blueprint rumors.
From watching these two programs with the superstar, I was left with a huge amount of admiration and respect for her. She's such a hardworking woman and wanted us all to know....when it comes to matters of the heart....she's just like everyone else.
She's still trying to navigate her way through life. We think she has it all, but even the World's Most Beautiful Woman still has trouble trusting herself.

Who would've imagined?

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