Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012: Hello, 2013

My 2012,

Fulfilling my childhood dream and becoming Jem!

27th birthday party. To think I was worried nobody would show up!
27th Bday cont.

Nights out with friends I <3 td="td">

Ringing in 2012 at the Traffic Anchor Desk

Getting to witness my idol J.Lo up close!

Striking a pose in CA Adventure

My first SFFW Event

My First Bay 2 Breakers

My first Associated Press Award

Epic Vegas Trip #2

In Vancouver for my nephew's 1st birthday!

M.C. (*emcee) for my cousin's wedding.

I cannot believe this year is over! So many things have happened this year.
  • Changed from: Around the Bay Gal to!
  • As soon as that ball dropped signifying the start of 2012, I was on the radio giving LIVE traffic reports. My first live-anchoring-gig.
  • Sadly, 2012 meant my first lay-off from said gig.
  • I went to Disneyland, L.A. (twice), Vancouver (twice) and Las Vegas (twice).
  • Won my first Associated Press Award.
  • Met some amazing people.
  • Made some new friends.
  • Met my "nieces and nephew" in L.A.
  • Was asked to be in a wedding for 2013.
  • Things I thought were over....weren't. :0)
  • Faced more of my fears and started to take more control of my life.
  • Learned a lot more about myself.
  • Fractured my forearm ice-skating.
  • Attended a real grown-up homemade Christmas Party thanks to Pique a boo
..................and many other things that I just can't even remember!

Here's to 2013, may the fabulousness continue!

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