Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Irrelevant Celebrity News: Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby Girl

From Jessica Simpson's Website

Well, it's about freaking time! It seems like Miss Simpson has been pregnant forever, beating Mariah Carey's record.

Jessica gave birth to Maxwell Drew Johnson and from the announcement above, she's a big'un. No wonder Jess was huge....but that name I don't understand. Sure, it's not Apple or Dot or Blue, but whatever happened to giving girls girl names and boys boy names.
Reports say, "The name Maxwell has a family history from dad Eric Johnson's side -- it's his middle name and his grandmother's surname. Drew is the maiden name of Jessica's mother, Tina Simpson."
In an interview while pregnant Jessica had mentioned that her baby would be big because her fiancee is an athlete. So, with Baby Maxwell's athletic genes and boy-name.....is Jessica setting up her fate?
Bring out the US Weekly, People and OK! covers!
Now we can all look forward to Simpson's Weight Watchers commercials whining about how hard it will be to get back to her Daisy Duke shape and how she'll once again have a love/hate relationship with her confidence.

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