Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Irrelevant Celebrity New: Jessica Simpson Poses Nude on the Cover of Elle

Via: PopSugar.com

We all thought Britney was ugly pregnant, until.....Jessica Simpson's been knocked-up.
She's just letting it all go until her Weight Watcher's promotion begins, isn't she?

To add to her schtick of "I'm confident, now......No! Wait I'm not again!" Her and her preggo self pose for the cover of Elle in the nude  (Hell, Demi Moore circa-1990s), to once again prove how being pregnant has given her, her long lost confidence back.

Personally, I give pregnant women credit for all the hardships they face for 9-10months. Someday I will bear a child and will probably give Britney and Jessica a run for their money.
I mean, HELLO! Eating for TWO for almost a year!? Sign me up!

I'm just over Jessica Simpson....well...I've been over her since 2005. I'm tired of her and her camp's desperations to try to make her relevant....and I don't find her cover photo tasteful. She should've posed for it a month or two ago.
Look. Jess. Your clothing line is on-point. Just stick to that.

But, with that being said. Congratulations on your baby girl!

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