Monday, January 23, 2012

Nicki Minaj Debuts "Stupid Hoe" music video

Once Nicki revealed the release date of her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, I got really excited....until: Roman in Moscow and Stupid Hoe were released as singles and she pushed back the release date from February to April.

When I first heard Stupid Hoe, I knew right away it was shots fired at Lil' Kim. The song starts off cool, then just gets plain boring. Repeating Stupid Hoe over 100 times in a 3-4min track just sounds like an elementary school-jump-rope-song or a song you made up on the fly while trying to diss your high school enemy....not a single off of your second album!
After listening to this track, no wonder people are saying good music is dying. I prefer Big Sean's "Dance A$$" over this horrid song.

Then Nicki released the video collaborating with Hype Williams.....a stupid video to match an even more stupid song. I just don't get the concept. It seems like the YMCMB team wasted their baby money on this one.
C'mon, Nicki! Stop selling out. Produce a quality hip-hop album.....not watered-down pop!
At one point in the video Minaj is in a cage and kind of resembles the Queen Bee, but all in all....the entire video is lame.

I'm just getting really tired of Nicki's over-the-top looks. It's getting old. She does look pretty in the video. However, for a Hype Williams joint....this video doesn't look like it took much creativity or money to make.

Sorry, Nicki. I just keep getting disappointed by you.

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