Saturday, December 3, 2011

Roman in Moscow

I've given this song a listen about three times, and it makes no sense to me! At first I dug it....but now when I listen, it just sounds like a bunch of random lyrics thrown together to make a song. Usually I'm down for crazy-Nicki-lyrics...but this is a little too weird for me. However, if you know me...sometimes these things do grow on me.
Nicki Minaj announced a week or two ago she'll be releasing her sophomore album Febuary of 2012...and now she's so conveniently released Roman in Moscow. Roman, being her alter-ego that we've never really seen.
The song is typical Nicki, where the lyrics don't really make sense..but kind of do in a way. She randomly mentions camel toe without it rhyming with anything and there's no hook. I don't know whether it's a waste of the $1.29 I spent on iTunes for it...but I have a feeling it may grow on me. I prefer rap-Nicki over bubblegum-Nicki anyday. So here's hoping this next album of her's is just that if Roman in Moscow has anything to do with it!

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