Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drizzy's 'Take Care' Leaked

I guess I'm kind of a goodie-goodie, because when an artist's album leaks on to the internets (*George W. Bush voice*)....I don't like to download the entire album because I want to wait to buy the actual CD and be surprised.

I guess it goes back to getting excited for my birthday and Christmas...the excitement that surrounds the day before..anticipating what you're going to get!
You know, something to look forward to!

However, I may download a song or two if I haven't heard it on the radio yet. So, when Drake's sophomore album Take Care was leaked....I just downloaded a couple of songs and fell in love with Motto!


My favorite line is:
I’m in the building and I’m feeling myself
Rest in peace Mac Dre, I’mma do it for the Bay, okay

That line reminds me of when I met Drake in S.F. last year and when I asked how he liked the Bay Area and he said "it's hyphy!"
Okay, so he may have been 5 years too late on the hyphy movement....but I was lightweight impressed!

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  1. funny thing is, when i first heard the beat drop, it totally made me think of bay area rap music!