Friday, February 26, 2010

Killer Whale Show to Resume this Weekend at SeaWorld in Orlando

Okay, this story doesn't have much to do with entertainment news, but it really interests me. Partly because Orca whales scare me to death and also, why is everyone surprised a KILLER whale actually killed someone?

After Wednesday's death of a SeaWorld trainer by one of the park's whales, SeaWorld has decided to resume the show this weekend. The park also said they will keep Tilikum (the whale who killed the trainer) in the shows as well. The park's spokesperson says trainers will NOT be getting into the water with the whale.

Um....wasn't Dawn Brancheau NOT in the water when Tilikum decided he wanted to rough house with her?

Also, this whale has been involved in TWO other deaths of humans! He should serve a prison sentence or, if he were in California, be given the three strikes law!

What did these trainers expect anyway? Supposedly Tilikum is bigger than a normal Killer Whale.

In other reports SeaWorld has said the whale is a huge part in their breeding system. He's father a few whales in the park and has about three female companions.

Sounds like this whale's quite the pimp!

Some celebrities have taken to their Twitter accounts to voice their opinion on the situation.My favorite has got to be Chad Ochochino's take on the matter.

Ochocinco tweeted:

OGOchoCinco The people at SEA WORLD need to fire the whale and let that mothasucka see what it likes to feed himself from now on #justsaying

OGOchoCinco RT @ATLNightmare: @OGOchoCinco don't hate, that whale tryina deal wit the recession tuna prices is sky rocketing.

OGOchoCinco Have y'all seen the picture of this KILLER WHALE, he's 3 times the normal size of a killer whale,what the hell they been feeding him

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