Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Happy 2010 everybody! I hope for right now you all are getting started on your New Year's Resolutions. One of my resolutions this year is to review the latest news in fashion and entertainment on this here blog. Since I tend to bore others with my passion for fashion, reality television shows and music I thought... "why not blog about it?". So here goes...

VH1 began their 2010 season with another reality dating show, Frank the Entertainer... in a Basement Affair. This show stars "I Love New York 2" and "I Love Money 1& 2" loser, Frank "The Entertainer" Maresca. For those of you who can't remember, "The Entertainer" famously sucked on Miss New York's toes in the second installment of "I Love New York". Sorry, didn't mean to gross you out, but just wanted to jog your memory.

No ladies, there is no tour bus or mansion for the contestants this time. This time the 15 constestants are living in Frank's parents'. They're forced to sleep on spare couches and 'grandma's old bedroom'. Not only do these women have to compete for Frank's love, they also have to follow the house rules of his mom Susan and dad Gary. At the end of every elimination, Frank will give the ladies keys to his basement, and those locked out will have to pack up, and move out.   At the beginning of the first episode each  woman has to take a family photo with Frank and his parents. Unlike the other shows, there are no cutsey nicknames of the women. Sorry, Danger and Bubbles.

It's hard to believe that the women competing on this show actually want to be with Frank and just don't want their 15 minutes of fame like every other reality show contestant. In the first episode it seems like Frank doesn't seem to believe it either when it comes to Stephanie, a model. The Entertainer grills Stephanie to find out why she really is here. He asks her why he was eliminated on "I Love New York 2" and of course, she had no idea.



Who really remembers how he was eliminated? I'm sure most of us can agree... the toe-sucking scene just kept haunting us ALL seaon long.

However, with criticism aside I will most likey tune-in to this show weekly to see which one of these women actually wants to be with Frank and to see if the poor guy gets to FINALLY move out of this parents basement. If anything, by me watching the show it will in turn give Frank a paycheck and (hopefully) he can use that money for a nice apartment or heck...maybe a tiny mansion. We all know he isn't dirt-poor.


  1. Haha! Finally he has his own show! Can't wait to see this. I felt so bad for the guy, hopefully he does move out.

  2. i'm so excited you got a blog! i'm hella going to follow you now!

    i'm excited for this show... i love trashy reality tv!