Saturday, June 29, 2019

Working On My Fitness: Operation Christine Kaurdashian Summer Body

Megan Thee Stallion declared Summer 2019, Hot Girl Summer, so I'm getting in formation and taking part.
Shout out to King Athletic for the hook-up to help get me started!
First and foremost their speed rope is the perfect workout accessory.  You can bust out 100 jump ropes along with some crunches and you've got a great warm-up or you can take it up a notch and get a good burner WOD (workout of the day). You can jump rope literally anywhere (well, be realistic). I'm a former Crossfitter and love a good set of double-unders to get my heart rate up even though sometimes my in-coordination causes the ropes to get caught in my hair.
The good thing about this brand, their blog has great training videos to help educate you on technique!

After watching Beychella, I was in awe of Beyonce's derriere. However ,I'm not as blessed. To get somewhat of a booty, these loop bands are my saving grace. I love to do hip-thrusts and squats with them. Want a harder workout? Use the blackish-grey!

Last but not least, the recovery.
I'm no spring chicken, so my body gets tight nowadays. To loosen up, I love these massage balls. I even keep one at work! I roll out my feet almost everyday. Sometimes, I get really spicy and use the balls to rollout my legs and shoulders to tighten knots and relieve tension. It's a great way to work that deep tissue. Another hack: Put the balls slightly in the microwave for a heated massage.

Head to King Athletic for all your fitness needs, and tell them Christine Kaurdashian sent ya! :)

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