Monday, March 5, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z Going on Tour Together

Instagram: @beyonce

Wait what?
*clutches pearls*
While I'm trying to make a living and do my day job, I was inundated with texts, Instagram DMs and articles alluding to Beyonce and Jay-Z going on tour together.
Yes, it's being dubbed On the Run 2!
So, the internet is saying Beyonce's Facebook peeps goofed up and accidentally put out an announcement for OTR2, but then promptly took it down.
Now, we know the Carters must have something in the works as Bey is about to do Coachella, they just dropped Top Off with Future and Khaled. 
But another OTR? I'd be down.

Now excuse me while I pick up another job....or 3 to get these coins together.
SMDH, regardless of this mistake the Carters are basically telling us to get in formation.

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