Friday, December 1, 2017

Jay-Z's Sit Down with the NY Times and Admits Cheating on Beyonce

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                                             We first had inklings of this during the infamous elevator fight. Then Queen Bey blessed us with Lemonade, where we were constantly trying find who Becky with the good hair was and how we could take care of her for Bey.
Then we were given Rumi and Sir Carter.
Then HOV gave us 4:44 because all of us hated him.
Now, Jay-Z is sitting down with the New York Times' Dean Baquet.
In the interview Jay discusses race, politics, his feud with Kanye, his mother being a lesbian and....admitting to cheating on Beyonce.
He also revealed that Lemonade and 4:44 were supposed to be a joint album. Boy bye.
If you can stomach this news click the video above or read the interview here.

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