Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shopaholism: Christine Kaurdashian's Holiday Gift Guide for the Pop-Culture Enthusiast in your Life

Christmas time is here again!
Now that we're in December, it's time to start thinking about those gifts for your friends and loved ones.
Have a friend *ahem, me* who's obsessed with pop-culture and celebrities and are stuck on what to get them?
Check out some examples I have here to help you make your gift list a little easier.
Last year 2 Chainz debuted the Dabbin' Santa ugly Christmas sweater. This year he's debuted the Hit Dem Folks Santa (even in a Hanukkah sweater)...don't worry...Dabbin' Santa apparel is still available.
Who could forget the famous Bon Qui Qui sketch from comedian Anjelah Johnson?  Bon Qui Qui is BACK with a holiday album and even ugly "but still fierce" holiday sweater.
Speaking of slaying. Godney Spears is on the not-so-ugly Christmas sweater train with her take on the holiday tradition! Nothing will make family holiday gatherings more awkward awesome than sporting this to Christmas dinner.
For the Beyhive member in your life. Beyonce's website currently has a ton of Christmas items that's made all Bey Stans pass out with excitement. However, once December 26th hits what are you going to do with a green I Sleigh All Day hoodie? This t-shirt not only can be worn year-round...but for $35 it reminds every one what a baddie you are and that you came to slay! or
Once the holidays are over, it's New Years Resolution time. If you're resolution is something in the fitness/health area, what better way to get motivated for the gym than in this metallic mesh Ivy Park tank and short set.
Who wouldn't want their morning oatmeal or cereal with power couple, Beyonce and Jay Z? This bowl is the perfect way to pretend your a member of the Knowles-Carter clan when you're sitting at home watching Lemonade for the 4324254273 just may hate Hov afterward.
Ye made this term made famous on Kanye's song No More Parties in LA off of his TLOP album. His wife Kim made it even more famous in this video on snapchat, and now the family is making more money by selling out of these body suits!
For the person in your life who dies for salads and iced teas and likes to tune into a certain family show on Sundays, this phone case from the Kimoji merch store is perfect!
Everyone has been living for Kylie Jenner's cosmetic line and she came out with a ton of new products for the holidays complete with adorable packaging. You can even get a stocking with the cosmetic line's logo.
Yeezy Season 4 debuted clear thigh-high boots. Since us regular folks don't want to waste a year's worth of rent on a pair of plastic shoes that will fog up at the club, Want My Look has various perspex styles to make you feel like you're a Yeezy model minus the hot temps and unfair working conditions.

May your holiday and 2017 bring you great selfies! The Lumee case made famous by the KarJenners has gotten a serious upgrade. The Lumee Duo has a front-facing and back-facing camera so you're guaranteed good lighting no matter how you angle your phone. The original Lumee just has the lights on the front facing side.

Chrissy Teigen is just someone I want to be! She's gorgeous, has a successful modeling/ hosting career, she and husband John Legend are the ultimate #marriagegoals and their daughter Luna is so darn cute....and on top of all of that...homegirl can cook! All of the recipes look amazing in this book. They're just not all "photshoot" friendly aka healthy. Whatevs.
There's no doubt Khloe's been the hottie with the body. After debuting her book Strong Looks Better Naked last year, Khlo$ has no released it on paperback with a more badass cover. This is the perfect motivation to get your New Year off right.
The Queen of Christmas has collaborated with MAC cosmetics and it's the ultimate gift for any diva in your life! Mariah Carey's collection for MAC is THE most gorgeous makeup collection on the market right now. The packaging is luxe and to die for.
Warriors star Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry are another couple who are most of our #marriagegoals. Not only do they hang out with Drake, but they have two adorable kids, Steph is an NBA MVP, they live in the Yay Area and Ayesha is quite the cook! Ayesha's healthy and delicious recipes are all compiled into this adorable cookbook. Whether you're cooking for youself, kids or're bound to find something in here.
The Weeknd is turning his song Starboy into a full-on brand. Urban Outfitters in collaboration with Abel XO have debuted the Starboy collection. All of hit items are following the fashionable-artist-merch on the market right now following suit with Drake and Kanye.
For fans of #DrakeWatch, these are the perfect gift....dial your boo on the hotling bling while paying homage to your favorite emotional rapper with these nail decals.
These stud earrings with this stud are the perfect accessory when you're mixing vodka and emotions.
I don't know how you can get more romantic thank this t-shirt! Every girl and boy are looking for their rock, their Dwayne, their Johnson.
The Rock has his own clothing line with Under Armour that's bound to make anyone feel like Billy Bad Ass whether they're hitting the gym or just running errands.

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