Thursday, November 3, 2016

Beyonce Performs at the 50th Country Music Awards Alongside the Dixie Chicks
...and I thought the Dixie Chicks returning was a big deal!
Oh, country music you're luring me in.
Usually I skip through Daddy Lessons on Lemonade, but now we're all country fans after Queen Bey and the Dixie Chicks represented the Lone Star State and performed together.
Didn't Bey slay that dress tho!?!

Not only was it great that they sang the hit off of Bey's surprise album, they also weaved in Long Time Gone, the group's 2002 hit.
A few months back when Lemonade was fresh, the Dixie Chicks performed the song at a performance and it went viral.
 The band hails from Texas as well as Beyonce so they have that bond and of course, they're members of the Beyhive.

On Beyonce's website you can download the song or just listen to it here:

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