Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Take on the Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange Family Drama

By've all seen've talked to your coworkers about it.....and now I am.
We've seen the memes and gifs.
It's the story that keeps on giving. It's also giving Solange more press than when she recorded the theme song for Proud Family.

It's the beatdown seen around the world. If only we could hear it!
We may never know what happened in that elevator.
Why did Bey just stand there?
Did Solange really have a problem with Jay and Rachel Roy getting too chatty at the Met Ball. Wendy Williams had her own take on the matter.
Then there's this fake tweet of Solange's swirling more rumors.

There were rumors that Solange took down all the pics of her and her big sis on Instagram,. That Bey and Hov are having marital issues with her supposedly removing her IV tattoo.
Rumors, rumors, rumors.
Since the video leaked, Blue's parents have been spotted courtside during the NBA finals and Bey's instgram has been flooded with pics of her and Rihanna from the Met Ball (to show they're not beefing) and pics of her and her baby sister.

So, if you ask me these are all rumors and maybe Solange just gets annoyed at Jay every once in a while and this beatdown isn't anything new for them.
However, these memes have been giving my LIIIIFE these past few days.

Christine Kaurdashian

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