Monday, February 17, 2014

Kanye featured on "Drunk in Love Remix"

Serfbort, serfbort!
We've all been hypnotized by Bey's lyrics from her Beyoncé album which debuted back in December.
The racy lyrics from Drunk in Love  have been taken to another level with a remix featuring Kanye West.
It's almost like this song is Yeezy's fantasy of being in a  ménage à trois with the power couple.
You know he wants to be a Knowles-Carter.
Ye's lyrics are raunchy and are obviously directed at his fiancée and baby-mama, Kim Kardashian.
Beyoncé hinted at the remix via Instagram with a short teaser.
However, Buzzfeed says the video of Yoncé with the lasso and sexy-cowgirl garb is from a 2011 with Essence magazine.

Take a listen! What do you think?

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