Friday, December 27, 2013

Yeezus Gifts Kim Kardashian with a MBDTF-Inspired Birkin

Via Kim Kardashian's Instagram.

Like any normal person on Instagram, Kim Kardashian IG'd her Christmas present she received from fiance.
#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin#OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezye"
Those are the hastags Kardashian used to describe her gift. Now, you can't expect Kanye to just gift his boo some perfume or just ANY kind of purse.....he gifted her with a hand-painted George Condo Birkin.
The Cut puts the specific bag's cost at $40,000, but has "no guess on what he paid Condo," calling it "the ugliest bag in the history of civilization."

West fans may find this painting similar to the art work on the artist's  2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover. West commissioned Condo to do 5 separate album covers including one that was banned from iTunes and Wal-Mart.
Followers of Kim's on instagram didn't feel the same way about the bag calling it: "disgusting", "I guess it's true what they say money can't buy you class. YIKES!"
Although this present requires a certain kind of taste, Kim has been seen proudly sporting it while out and about...and in the end that's all that matters.
Just days later after Kimye were voted as America's Least Desirable Neighbors.

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