Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Last Jerzday: Series Finale of the Jersey Shore
Once upon a time,
Christine Kaurdashian would gather around the television to watch a group of 8 guidos make a fool of themselves.
Catchphrases like, GTL, smush, t-shirt time, OH YEAAH, Prank War Champions, Grenades, Grenade-launcher, Caaaabs Are Heaaaah!, guidos, gorilla-juiceheads all became a part of her vocabulary.
Alas, tonight comes the time that we must say good-bye to our friends at the the Jersey Shore.
Where would pop-culture be without Snooki's poof? J-Woww's boobs? Pauly's blowout? The Situation's ab? Sammie and Ron's epic fights? Deena saying "doing sex"? Vinny's blessed "member"?
This cast had a vast impact on the culture of America these past 3 years.
Who would've thought that the term guido would become a term of endearment?

Here we are 6 seasons later and Snooki is a mom and someone's fiancee, J-Woww's engaged NOT to Tom, Pauly's a member of G-Unit, Vinny's teaching us all about anxiety awareness, Sam and Ron are together, Sitch is sober and Deena found love.

I'm so proud of my little guidos and how far they've come from that first night at the Shore back in 2009 when nobody liked Snooki until she got punched in the face and when J-Woww vehemently denied hooking up with Pauly when we ALL saw it and when Sammie and Mike were an item....around the same time Ronnie preached that one should never fall in love at the Jersey Shore.

Mama Kaurdashian is so proud of all of you.
My Thursday nights will never be the same.
It is interesting that the show decides to end the day before 12-21-12...a sign of the times it is!

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