Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah, F*ckin Right

Part two of my previous blog posting, Drake has finally released the video to HYFR and may I saw it's the most ballin' (Jim Jones voice) bar mitzvah I've ever seen (well, the only one I've seen besides a Bar Mitzvah I saw on Hey! Arnold.)

The video starts off with Drake's real bar mitvah when he was just a little guy, bustin' stupid dope moves on the dance floor and fast forwards to today. The guest include: Trey Songz, Birdman, Weezy, DJ Khaled and other hot artists and people.
Sidenote: Trey Songz looks AHMAZING in this video!

As for Lil' Wayne's part in the video...his panda mask/beanie creeps me out.
Check it out.

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