Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ni**as in Paris Music Video Debut


Damn, Yeezy and Hov where the hell you been?!
With the Ni**as in Paris music video, that is.  
I tried to do a play on the lyrics from Otis.
Jay-Z and Kanye West's summer anthem has taken its sweet time on the music video front and has finally debuted this past week.

I've been anticipating this moment since I went to the Watch the Throne concert back in December when I found out they were filming for the video (at the concert I attended..among many others along the tour). Only to be very disappointed.

Seriously?! This is what you give us for one of the hottest songs on the WTT album? It looks like it took $15 to make this video with the split screen, illuminati-esque shapes and random cut-ins of royalty and zoo animals. I thought the video was going to show a montage of all the WTT shows along with backstage videos of 'Ye and Jay.

I guess the pair are busy with the birth of Blue Ivy and Kanye.....trying to holla at Kim Kardashian.

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