Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Cake Remix

Wow! I can' t believe these two went through with this!

So, the rumors are true. Team Breezy and the Rihanna Navy have collaborated on not one but TWO remixes. The sexually-charged Birthday Cake featured on RiRi's album Talk that Talk and a new version of Brown's Turn Up the Music.

Even though Birthday Cake is pretty hot, it doesn't defeat the fact that Breezy flipped on Rihanna and her navy 3 years ago. We all know Rihanna likes to be the bad girl, but she's coming across as a stupid girl for still dealing with Brown's dumbass. And no, I don't think it was for publicity because these two don't need it. Sidenote: Brown is STILL on probation for the beating! Besides, RiRi is too fly to need to rely on Brown.

If the beating back in '09 didn't do anything for you, Ri....how about Chris making an ass of himself on Goodmorning America by breaking a window and leaving the studio topless?

I know alot of celebs like to say I'm not a role model, I don't intend to be. But seriously? The dude who beat you SO bad, humiliated you, even BIT your fingers...deserves a collabo? I used to think she tried too hard, and now I stand corrected.

Too bad I bought Talk that Talk before this remix came out.

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