Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 VMAs

Okay, so I know I'm a week late on doing a little review on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and you all already know what happened.

Gaga as Joe Calderone
Looks more like Danny Zucko

Beyonce revealing her baby bump to the world!
You all know:
There was no host this year.
Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting their first child......a child of Destiny, perhaps?
Lady Gaga opened the show as Joe Calderone and performed You and I.
Nicki Minaj looked like an idiot....but won Best Hip-Hop Video
Jay-Z and Kanye did a half-assed version of their hit Otis.
Adele was beautiful when she performed Someone Like You.
Chris Brown did a number copying P!nk by doing an aeriel performance while paying homage to WuTang and Nirvana.
Not quite sure why he chose those two bands, but damn that guy can perform. Too bad he's a mess.

Gaga..being akward.
Britney Spears was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.....which was awkwardly given to her from Joe Calderone aka a thirsty-Lady Gaga looking to reinact the famous girl-on-girl kiss Brit Brit had with Madonna circa 2003.

The so-called future of hip-hop.
God help me!
Tyler the Creator became known.....because I didn't know who the hell he was.....and he beat out Mr. Black and Yello, Wiz Khalifa, for the best new artist.

Can I just say his mom was a hot-mess when he won. She acted like he won a Grammy....putting her arms up in the air praising Jesus.....

Speaking of Jesus....the Beiber made a special shout out to Jesus de Christo when he accepted his speech.
I've never heard any artist or actor thank's usually God. Interesting.

Beibs and his snake, Johnson

I guess Beiber is trying to harden up his image by bringing a baby boa constrictor to accompany him on the black carpet.

Seriously, Justin? The only person who can pull off bringing a snake to the VMAs is Britney Spears.....and her's was ten times the size of your''re a decade late in the game on this one. He looks like a 7 year old trying to impress his classmates on "bring your favorite pet to school" day.

Nicki Minaj looking a fool
She wants to be the godmother of
Beyonce and Jay-z's baby.

Bruno Mars' tribute to Amy Winehouse
There was a special tribute to Amy Winehouse where Russel Brand made a very quirky-but endearing speech on the late-singer. Bruno Mars also did a rendition of the Winehouse hit, Valerie.

Last but not lease....Lil' Wayne closed the show with an okay performace, while wearing women's leopard print jeggings.
Weezy performing a How to Love/John mashup.

In my opinion, this year's awards show seemed like the Beyonce Awards...considering she stole the show. After her performance of Love on Top, Bey dropped her mic....opened her sequined jacket and revealed to the world she was indeed with child. From there, the cameras shot to a grinning Jay who was cheered on by Kanye.

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