Thursday, June 9, 2011

Album Review: Born This Way

Gaga, you did it again!

To be honest, readers. I didn't think BTW would amount to how much I liked Gaga's debut album The Fame  and it's supplement, The Fame Monster.
But boy, was I wrong!
I popped it in on my long commute one day and realized I only skipped through a couple songs. That's how I know that's a good album in my humble opinion.
One thing I HATE about this album is this
stupid photo of Gaga as a motorcycle!
Besides the album's namesake single and Edge of Glory, I like almost every single track on this record!
Though, I did notice a biblical theme to this album.
 Hello, "Judas", "Bloody Mary", and "Fashion of His Love."

God and Jesus references aside, I really like this album.

Here are my favorites (in track order)
 1.) Marry the Night- Gaga says it's Whitney Houston meets Bruce Springsteen
3.) Government Hooker
4.) Judas
5.) Americano
6.) Scheiße- Online translations say this means "shit" in German
7.) Bloody Mary- MY ABSOLUTE FAVE!
10.) Fashion of His Love
12.) Heavy Metal Lover
13.) Electric Chapel
14.) The Queen
15.) You and I

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