Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gaga Redeems Herself with "Judas"

I love me some Gagaloo, but Born this Way was an utter disappointment for me and made me think, did she peak?

Worried that Lady Gaga had already passed her lyrical-writing prime, I tried my hardest to like BTW but I just couldn't.

Finally, the Lady Gaga Gods heard my prayers and out leaked Judas, which is kind of ironic seeing as Judas turned on Jesus. But, then again the track leaked on the internet causing Miss Gaga to release it early. hmmmmm.

Okay, this isn't bible-study....I was trying to make a joke.

The cynic in me says, this kind of follows the same pattern as Bad Romance.
But the Gaga fan in me says....but it's a HOT track!

I cannot wait to dance to this song when I got out....or even hit the gym.

What do YOU think?

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