Sunday, December 19, 2010

Michael Jackson and 50 Cent Collabo

Wait a minute.
Have I died and gone to heaven? A Fitty and Michael Jackson collaboration being released a year and some change after the King of Pop's passing?

I've come to learn Michael had a little gangsta in him.

Considering the photo below (courtesy of Bossip) and forgetting he appeared with Jay-Z at Summer Jam back in 2001. He also had Biggie drop a verse on This Time Around on his HIStory album.
I didn't know about the Biggie thing until today!

This photo disturbs me.

And now...a track with 50 Cent!?!

Wonder if MJ ever heard 'Patiently Waiting' when Fitty says he'll make his enemies look like a 'Michael Jackson jacket with all them zippers'?

Random I know, but isn't that basically Michael's middle-name?
Yes, I know Joseph is his middle name but still!

Off MJJ's posthumous album Michael, the track Monster produced by Blackstreet's Teddy Riley (yeah, he's still around) features 50 Cent!

At first I felt this track may have been disappointing because it features two of my favorite artists, but I really like it. I'm sure others may disagree because everyone seems to hold Michael to a high standard by constantly comparing him to his Thriller and Billie Jean days. The song is tight and I can most definitely imagine hearing it at the club. However it's nowhere near classic-status-Michael Jackson.

But I think we ALL figured that.
Does the album Unbreakable ring a bell?

The song also features the typical-MJJ natural sound of breaking glass that has been apparent in his later songs stemming from the Dangerous album. That's so played-out.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the song in its entirety online. So here's a snippet.
When I find the full song I'll post it ASAP.

Sidenote: What's with all of these artists jumping on the monster-bandwagon? First Gaga (who I feel originated it), Ne-Yo, then Kanye and now Michael.

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