Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D Gets Own Spin-Off

You all are probably really pumped and excited for Christmas Day to open up all your presents under the tree you've been itching to do since they've been placed there.

Unless you're my brother and already opened them already, then RE-WRAPPED them without anyone knowing and have to look forward to being FAKE-Surprised when you got that new iPhone 4 you already knew about.

Or excited to get crazy on New Years Eve.

I too, am excited for that the aformentioned activites, but I'm excited for one thing in particular...

I can't wait to view all the debauchery again!

However, my Christmas came here early when I found out my "boyfriend" Pauly D will be having his own spin-off!

MTV wants to know about Pauly's life beyond the shore. Reports say the show's working title is Pauly's World.

Radar Online says Pauly D, in contrast, will be sharing with viewers what it's like to hang out with him, his manager, his buddy and his bodyguard as the 30-year-old Rhode Island DJ hones his skills and works his career.

The site says filming for the show is already in progress, but no word on when the show will debut.

Interesting how news of this came just days after your's truly had a dream that she was the newest cast member on the Jersey Shore and Pauly and I were talking.

hmmmm....maybe it was a premonition!

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