Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Get on My Damn Nerves

I've never really been a fan of sappy break-up songs.

Especially if I'm in the middle of one, they always make me feel worse.

My go-to for post-break-up music is hardcore rap/hip-hop because nothing makes me feel better than a beat that slaps as well as lyrics that talk about getting back on the grind and not giving a motha (shut your mouth) about what others say. Basically, it just reiterates the fact that you have to just do you.
What I should say is: I do have a soft spot for the love ballads but it just depends on my mood.

And no, Around the Bay Gal isn't going through a break-up right now, she's trying to just make a point here.

I discovered this new little gem by Ne-Yo and Jazmine Sullivan, U Get on my Nerves.

It's the perfect break-up song because while listening to it you feel....HAPPY!

Besides, I find it a refreshing change from Sullivan's other songs.
I wonder who the guy was who did her wrong because she sings about heartbreak in almost all of her singles.

As a co-worker of mine said once, "I don't know who did that girl (Jazmine) wrong, but she needs to get over it!"

It's understandable that artists gain inspiration for their music from their life-experiences, but Sullivan is ALWAYS singing about how she's been given the short-end of the stick. It's nice to hear a song where she's OVER the guy.

What do YOU think?

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