Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fallin' for Fall

Back when I used to go to school, I had a love-hate relationship with Fall.

Fall meant to me that Summer was officially over and so did my days of sleeping-in.

Even though my days of sleeping-in are still slim, I've grown to love Fall because it means: football, pumpkin spice lattes, cute Fall clothes, and....the beginning of the holiday season starting with HALLOWEEN!!!

I love the anxiety of trying to find the perfect Halloween costume. In the past I've always known what I wanted to be the following Halloween before the present Halloween even passed.

This year I had a number of options:

Jersey Shore's J-Woww
Sexy Mad Hatter
Lady Gaga in Telephone

Since December, I was for sure I wanted to be J-Woww because I loved (and still love) Jersey Shore. However, as I perused the internet I came across the Mad Hatter, which I always wanted to be to wear that cool hat! I love Alice and Wonderland  and if you knew me personally, you'd know I'd make a perfect Hatter.

But as I searched a little more Ta-DA!  I thought of the Lady Gaga's Diet Coke can hair in Telephone!
I contemplated rolling my own mane into coke cans with the help of my stylista friends, but then it hit me.

Around the Bay Gal isn't blonde!

I was going to do the 'do anyway, but then the Gaga-Angels granted me with this little gem.
How perfect, right!?!

NO dye job or frustrating hair style process necessary!

Since I'll be going out and dancing the night away, a leather jacket is no bueno...unless I want to sweat like a monster.

Then I found this at Forever 21

I plan on studding and spiking my jacket, adding a little black-bustier dress, throw on some fishnets and I'll be officially Gagafied!

What are you going to be for Halloween?


  1. when you get your costume, we should do a photo shoot in our outfits. so i can blog about it. you know, a NoShookHands-AroundTheBayGal collabo. HAHAHAHAH... i'm talking like we're about to do a track together. IT'S THE ROC!