Thursday, September 23, 2010

Too Steamy for the Street.....Sesame Street!

Katy Perry wanted to see the Sunny days sweepin' the clouds try and get her pretty little self to Sesame St.

But parents thought otherwise.

Parents felt Perry's outfit during her duet with Elmo was too revealing and inappropriate for the Street.

So, not one to disappoint, Sesame and Co. pulled the would-be Monday's episode.

People interested in the video can only see it online.

Below Perry sings an adapted version of "Hot 'N' Cold" to Elmo, because the little red cutie told Katy that he wanted to play dress-up then flakes on her....he decided he wanted to play tag instead.

So Katy's mad because she got all dressed up for dress-up, not for tag!

 Silly, Elmo.

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