Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Snooki & Ex-Boo Reunited Thanks To....SPENCER!!!!

Whaaaaaat in the MTV-Reality-Show-Hell is going on here!?

The Happy Couple when they were together. Photo from: anythinghollywood.com
Photo from: Midwestswing.files.wordpress.com
Radar Online (The Mel-Gibson-Hot-Mess-News-Source) reports that Super Douche Spencer Pratt sent Snooki a surprise and that was her ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella.

Masella tells Radar that when he found out Snooks was in jail he called Spencer to help bail her out...and he did just that!

Weird. Well, maybe Spencer isn't so bad. LOL.

 Seems like the two became friends during the filiming of Spencer’s upcoming comedy  TOWER 69: BEACH PATROL featuring 3 D BOOBS.

Can't wait to see that movie.

The Guido Casanova brought along some goodies for the pint-size star.... "he brought her pickles (which he admittedly ended up eating while he waited for her), a flower and wore a $100 t-shirt decorated with the words 'I Love Snooki.' "

But it didn't work......I know....SHOCKING!

“Snooki doesn’t trust me and thinks I was at the shore to ruin the show,” Emilio said. Despite other people’s reservations about his intentions, he insists: “I’m here for Snooki and Snooki only”

Wow.......maybe if you didn't hang around Media-Whore-Spencer she MAY have considered the kind gesture, but you did EAT her pickles after all.


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