Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm a Jersey Shore Wannabe

So one of my bestfriends had her housewarming party the other night and the theme was Jersey Shore!  Being that I'm somewhat obsessed with themed parties I went all out and that meant orange skin, a bedazzled wannabe Ed Hardy hat (courtesy of Ross), faux Dior necklace and Chanel earrings, Douchebag stonewashed jeans and a lowcut tank revealing my lacking J-Woww goods, and the tackiest hoodie I owned.

I was so psyched to get all dressed up (because there was a costume contest after all) only to find out I was the ONLY one who went all out. I think only the party hosts and I were the only ones who took the theme seriously. So I legitimately looked like a Guidette.
When it dawned on me I was the only one dressed up!
Photo taken by Kim "" Nguyen

The important thing was
I won the costume contest.
I'm the proud owner of a bottle of Ed Hardy Sangria
Stay tuned for more photos to come!

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  1. i wished i would've dressed up now! the funniest part of the night was when that guy said "i really thought you were Itallian!" hahaha