Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Your Pop-Tart On in NYC!

The newest addition to NYC's Time Square is....POP-TART WORLD!

The A.P. reports customers will be able to customize their own pop-tart and even have pop-tarts sushi (eww), and even customize their own box of pop-tarts with their favorite flavors!

Photo from: APs Richard Drew

Visitors will also be allowed to offer input on future flavors, get a t-shirt, or hell....even be made into a pop-tart by "getting 'frosted' and 'wrapped in foil' by a light show."

Someone getting their pop-tart on!
Photo from: APs Richard Drew.
Times like these make me wish JetBlue had their $50 flights promo right now!

Take me to POP-TARTS WORLD!!!!

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