Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Simpson Broadcasts Her Insecurities

So, this past week marked the VH1 debut of Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty.

I was honestly excited for the premiere because since Simpson has been on the music-scene all she ever does is talk about her insecurities, especially with her looks. I can understand that and applaud her honestly, and hey....if it's getting you a paycheck girl, more power to ya!
The premiere episode takes Simpson, along with her BFFs CaCee Cobb and Ken Paves, to Thailand. There she discovers what they see as beautiful. I like to call them the beauty ambassadors.

While overseas, the trio meets up with another beauty ambassador who takes them to a little village to show them how one woman's use of skin lightening cream caused her to have severe blotches on her face. The story is very sad, because the woman used to be a singer, but now she tries to hide her face. The story gets even more sad because she tells the beauty ambassadors that she used to be married but her husband left her because of her looks. At the bottom on the screen reads a graphic that beauty products sold in Thailand aren't regulated through the government. So, basically anyone can sell anything.

Later, the trip takes the beauty ambassadors to a Buddhist temple where a Buddhist monk helps them relax through meditation. The entire time Simpson has to hold back from laughter.

Seriously, she's so immature.

The dumb-blonde act went out in 2005....along with your marriage and that multi-colored Murakami Louis Vuitton bag you used to carry around.

The show ends with the beauty ambassadors going to a small village where women define beauty by how long their necks are. They extend the length of their necks by wearing rings.

Simpson, Paves and Cobb witnessed a ring ceremony where a young girl gets her first rings placed on her neck.

For those of you who were turned off at the first episode and didn't bother to follow the second one here's a little re-cap.

The beauty ambassadors go to Paris and meet a model who suffers from an eating disorder to be thin enough to model. The model tells a heart-breaking tale of how the modeling industry is brutal when it comes models and their weight.
The episode ends with Simpson walking a runway in Paris and her freaking out as usual because she doesn't feel she can do it.

I honestly think Simpson needs to see a therapist. Her self-confidence is so shot!
Can't Papa Joe and Mama Tina afford therapy for this girl?

I commend Simpson on her efforts to show that confidence is beauty and this show is quite interesting, but it's so hard to take her seriously. And the message does seem kind of shallow.

Everything with Simpson is about beauty and her body. When she came out in '99-'00 I respected the fact that she was a virgin, but after that it slowly went downhill for her.

Remember in '01 when she lost all that weight and started being a Britney-Wannabe with "Irresistable"?

Or when she donned Daisy Dukes and was unneccesarily wearing a skimpy swimsuit while washing a car in her "These Boots Were Made for Walking" video?

There's no doubt about it, Simpson is a beautiful woman....but she needs to stop playing dumb and start acting like the smart girl she really is. I thought with this show she would do that....but I think I may be wrong.

She's becoming less-funny to me and more stupid.

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