Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby, Are you Down, Down, Down, Down Down? (I know I am!)

Bloggers, I think I'm in love.

With whom, you ask?

Oh, just R&B sensation Jay Sean! May I say the first thing that attracted me to Sean was the fact that he's Punjabi-India, as am I. So, it was my natural instinct to have a huge sense of Desi pride. (DESI definition for those who don't know is used when referring to culture or ethnic background, the term includes any person of South Asian heritage with ancestry from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Maldives and Sri Lanka).

Jay was born, Kamaljit Singh Jhooti in Hounslow, West London, England. According to WikiPedia: "For his music career, he chose the stage name Jay Sean; "Jay" was the nickname his friends knew him as (derived from his previous stage name "Nicky J"), while "Sean" is derived from "Shaan"—a nickname he was called at home by his grandmother—which means "shining star" or "pride" in Punjabi."

I personally have never used the Punjabi word "Shaan", in my life so I have no idea if that's really an accurate translation.

Anways, besides automatically loving Sean because he's Indian, I also liked that he signed with Cash Money (note: my previous blogs about Weezy). Because I do love me some Weezy F. Baby!

I even told my parents that they should contact Sean's parents. Maybe we could have some sort of marriage arrangement? LOL! C'mon! He hangs out with Birdman and Lil' Wayne!

I recently got a hold of his album All or Nothing and I was a little skepitcal because I thought maybe he'd be a one-hit-wonder, but I was definitely wrong. The album is great!

The songs I really like, besides the single Down and Do You Remember? Are:
-Ride It
-All or Nothing
- Do You
- War
-Lights Off
-Stuck in the Middle
- If I Ain't Got You

I know that's basically the whole album, but it just goes to show you how good it is! I did notice many of his songs were about losing the girl he loved. Either because he screwed up or she found another man. I'd personally would like to believe the latter.

This makes me wonder who was the little hussy that did Jay Sean wrong?

Jay! I'm available if you need a shoulder to cry on!!

Besides the album, I did come across this interview Sean was promoting on Twitter that he did with the U.K Sunday Times and it made me love him more.

                                                      Check it Out!

Hopefully you guys will love him as much as I do!

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