Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012: Hello, 2013

My 2012,

Fulfilling my childhood dream and becoming Jem!

27th birthday party. To think I was worried nobody would show up!
27th Bday cont.

Nights out with friends I <3 td="td">

Ringing in 2012 at the Traffic Anchor Desk

Getting to witness my idol J.Lo up close!

Striking a pose in CA Adventure

My first SFFW Event

My First Bay 2 Breakers

My first Associated Press Award

Epic Vegas Trip #2

In Vancouver for my nephew's 1st birthday!

M.C. (*emcee) for my cousin's wedding.

I cannot believe this year is over! So many things have happened this year.
  • Changed from: Around the Bay Gal to!
  • As soon as that ball dropped signifying the start of 2012, I was on the radio giving LIVE traffic reports. My first live-anchoring-gig.
  • Sadly, 2012 meant my first lay-off from said gig.
  • I went to Disneyland, L.A. (twice), Vancouver (twice) and Las Vegas (twice).
  • Won my first Associated Press Award.
  • Met some amazing people.
  • Made some new friends.
  • Met my "nieces and nephew" in L.A.
  • Was asked to be in a wedding for 2013.
  • Things I thought were over....weren't. :0)
  • Faced more of my fears and started to take more control of my life.
  • Learned a lot more about myself.
  • Fractured my forearm ice-skating.
  • Attended a real grown-up homemade Christmas Party thanks to Pique a boo
..................and many other things that I just can't even remember!

Here's to 2013, may the fabulousness continue!

Kim Kardashian Confirms Pregnancy

via Kim Kardashian's blog.
First Kanye spilled the beans....
Now, Kim has confirmed!

It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo

Throwback Monday

In honor of the Kimye Westdashian baby hullabaloo, I present the final TBM song of 2012.
This is one of my all-time favorite Kanye West songs. I didn't know there was a video for this song until recently.
Funny because this song debuted in 2004!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Kanye West's Baby

Kimye, Imma let you finish. But Beyonce and Jay-Z had the best celebrity birth of all time.
E! news confirms with reps from the Kardashian family that Kim is 12 weeks pregnant and Kanye West is the father!
Guess she didn't have to freez her eggs after all?
However, it wasn't Kardashian who spilled the was Kanye!
During his Atlantic City show on Sunday night, West decided to announce that Kim was expecting to all his fans during his Atlantic City concert on Sunday.
Now it makes sense, why Kim and Yeezy have been seen going to and from the doctors office lately!
It's cute that both baby Kimye-to-be will be close in age to her niece, baby Penelope Dissick!
One thing though isn't mentioned....Kim is STILL married to ex-hubby Kris Humphries.
Hmm....wonder how he feels about it?
Also, poor Jessica Simpson. Just when the media has their full attention on her second's once again snatched away!

"F*ckin' Problems"- A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar

This song has been on repeat since I've heard it!
I'm in love with it.
Hello 2013, A$AP Rocky is someone we need to look out for!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Return of Mob Wives

I'm so excited!
MobWives (the original) is returning to VH1 Sunday Jan. 6th!
Yes, Big Ang is back along with Renee, Carla, Ramona, Drita and Karen! It looks like there's a new member to the cast this season, Love Majewski, who in the trailor admits to stabbing and poisoning someone.
This season covers Hurricane Sandy and Renee's life after Junior flipped last year.
I cannot wait!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christine Kaurdashian
Christmas '86.

Just wanted to thank all of you for reading and wishing you the happiest of holidays!
Christine Kaurdashian

Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy

via @jessicasimpson

The rumors are true.
Jessica Simpson is pregnant and she once again revealed it on a holiday....and via the internet. Simpson tweeted this photo to her fans with the message "Merry Christmas from my family to yours".
She's pretty cleaver. This time using daughter Maxwell with a message written in the sand that the (almost) 8 month old will be a big sister.
This will be the second child for Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson.
A source tells US Weekly (who broke the story last month), that this pregnancy "wasn't planned".

I personally find it hilarious that Jessica withheld her V-card for so long....only to have two babies out of wed-lock...and just a few months ago Papa Joe was accused of having a gay lover.

Ahhh....the irony.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Confessions of a Beauty Product Junkie: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beauty Product Maven In Your Life

Holiday 2012 Gift Ideas

The time has come for another one of my beauty articles to be read! Are you in need of finding the perfect holiday gift for the beauty-product junkie in your life? Have no fear!
Here's a list of some of the hottest ones out, but hurry, some of these are all sold-out online.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Last Jerzday: Series Finale of the Jersey Shore
Once upon a time,
Christine Kaurdashian would gather around the television to watch a group of 8 guidos make a fool of themselves.
Catchphrases like, GTL, smush, t-shirt time, OH YEAAH, Prank War Champions, Grenades, Grenade-launcher, Caaaabs Are Heaaaah!, guidos, gorilla-juiceheads all became a part of her vocabulary.
Alas, tonight comes the time that we must say good-bye to our friends at the the Jersey Shore.
Where would pop-culture be without Snooki's poof? J-Woww's boobs? Pauly's blowout? The Situation's ab? Sammie and Ron's epic fights? Deena saying "doing sex"? Vinny's blessed "member"?
This cast had a vast impact on the culture of America these past 3 years.
Who would've thought that the term guido would become a term of endearment?

Here we are 6 seasons later and Snooki is a mom and someone's fiancee, J-Woww's engaged NOT to Tom, Pauly's a member of G-Unit, Vinny's teaching us all about anxiety awareness, Sam and Ron are together, Sitch is sober and Deena found love.

I'm so proud of my little guidos and how far they've come from that first night at the Shore back in 2009 when nobody liked Snooki until she got punched in the face and when J-Woww vehemently denied hooking up with Pauly when we ALL saw it and when Sammie and Mike were an item....around the same time Ronnie preached that one should never fall in love at the Jersey Shore.

Mama Kaurdashian is so proud of all of you.
My Thursday nights will never be the same.
It is interesting that the show decides to end the day before 12-21-12...a sign of the times it is!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kardashians Unveil 2012 Khristmas Kard

It's Christmas time, and for the Kardashian-Jenner-Odom clan that means extravagant picture time!
I personally love the family's cards every year because they're so glamorous. And because my mom never does a family photo holiday card because she's always waiting to lose weight.
Anyway, this year's card features a new addition. Baby Penelope is front and center dressed in tulle.
Of course, Kanye West isn't in the photo, which I'm surprised about but then am not. He and Kim aren't married, nor do they have a child there you go.
According to Eonline, Khloe and Lamar had to be photoshopped in due to Lam Lam's crazy NBA schedule.
Either way, it still looks great!

Carrie Underwood Donates Proceeds of Concert Tickets to Des Moines

There are good people in this world.
American Idol alum, Carrie Underwood lost her voice during her Blown Away tour.
Being the champ that she is, she decided to power through to her next show in Des Moines and was able to perform for 90 minutes.
According to Yahoo, [Underwood was] "dissatisfied with what she considered a subpar performance, Underwood hoarsely told the crowd that she planned to return their money right back to their city. 'I feel real guilty about making any money on this show tonight,' she noted. 'So whatever I'm making is just going to go right back into this community.'

"While the surprised audience cheered in response, she added, 'I feel that's the right thing to do.'"

Channing Tatum is Going to be a Daddy!

People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive and Magic Mike star will be a daddy!
Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum are expecting their first child next year.
The couple met on the set of Step Up in 2006 and married in the Spring of 2009.

Congrats to the couple, because we all know it'll be a cute baby and girls all over the world are already thinking of how hot Tatum will be as a father!

Throwback Monday

The tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School has left me with a hole in my heart. All weekend I've been thinking of those tiny victims and brave staff members who put their lives at risk to save those who were just beginning their's.
As a society, as a country....we need to start making some changes.
If you haven't already and want to help out the family's of victims here are a few links to do so:
The Newtown Memorial Fund is taking donations, as well Facebook pages have also been set up to help the families of Emilie Parker (6), Olivia Rose Engel (6), and Noah Pozner (6), who were killed at Sandy Hook.

The US Postal Service has added a PO Box for those who wish to send letters of condolence to the residents of Newtown.
Please address mail to:
Message of Condolence
PO Box 3700
Newtown, CT 06470.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snoop Battles Santa in Epic Rap Battle

Snoop Lion aka Snoop Doggy Dogg has taken on Santa Claus in an "epic rap battle".
Snoopy is dressed as Moses in a "new video featured on the Epic Rap Battles of History channel on YouTube in which he attempts to break down the biggest holiday feud of all time: Santa Claus vs. Moses," says E!.

Check it out.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mexican-American Singer Jenni Rivera Dies in Plane Crash

Fans are in mourning over the death of Mexican-American singer, Jenni Rivera.
Born in the U.S., Rivera's story is similar to that of slain Tejano singer Selena, in the sense that she was looking to cross-over into American music before her untimely death.
Rivera was flying with her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale, and two friends, one named Mario Macias and another who was also identified as Gerardo, to the central Mexican city of Toluca after a Saturday night concert before thousands in the northern city of Monterrey. All were killed.

MTV.COM says:
"Rivera was born and raised in Long Beach, California, "La Diva de la Banda," as she was respectfully known, got her start in 1995 when she released her debut album, La Chacalosa, on Capitol/EMI. Later that year, she recorded Adios a Selena as a tribute to Selena. At the time of Rivera's death, she was filming season three of "I Love Jenni," her Spanish-language reality show on mun2, which also aired in America on the Style Network. And just last week, Rivera reportedly signed a deal with ABC to develop her own sitcom.
With her last album, 2011's Joyas Prestadas, La Gran Señora delivered an LP full of powerful and well-received ballads like "Basta Ya" ("Enough Is Enough"), but her star far surpassed the studio. Yes, Rivera sold an estimated 15 million LPs, but she just as easily transitioned from music to television with "I Love Jenni" and as a judge on "La Voz," the Mexican version of the popular singing competition show "The Voice."
According to her fans. Rivera sang of heartbreak, domestic violence and raising her children as a single mother. She was famously married to Esteban Loaiza, a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. They divorced earlier this year."

Beyonce Gets a $50 million Deal with Pepsi

Bey is really workin' it lately.
Not only did she score a huge deal with Pepsi, but she also gets her own can! I cannot wait to drink one of these. They're so fab.
However, this isn't your ordinary cele-soft drink-endorsement.
According to the LA Times:
" In lieu of traditional advertising campaigns or multi-platform plugs, the soft drink will back Beyonce in any creative project of her choosing.
'This global relationship gives Beyoncé multiple outlets to tap into in order to express her creativity, and will attract new consumers to both brands with great new experiences and content,' one Pepsi exec said in a statement.
'Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve,' Bey told the New York Times. Possible collaborations under the partnership could include photo shoots (like the cheeky concept work she posts to her Tumblr) or anything else Beyonce just feels like doing.
The structure of the deal has a similar vibe as husband Jay-Z's collaboration with Anheuser Busch. Forbes points out that the beer company tapped Jay for "planning sessions to provide his unique spin, thoughts and insights on various brand programs.' "

King Bey keeps bringing it.
It goes to show you....if you don't don't shine.
Not only is King Bey working her Pepsi deal, but she's got a upcoming New Years Eve performance at the Wynn in Las Vegas, her HBO special and Super Bowl Half Time Show!

Throwback Monday

I haven't heard this song in forever!

Monday, December 3, 2012

DMX Sings 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'

X goin' give it to ya!
Yes, you read the title of this blog correctly.
The video above is Ruff Ryder DMX singing the holiday classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Minus the barking, of course.

Kate Middleton is Pregnant!

All the baby rumors swirling around the royal couple since they've been hitched have now been confirmed!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby!
In a press release, the Palace says:
Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby.
According to E!
The palace says that Middleton is in the "very early stages" of her pregnancy, however, and today was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London due to suffering hyperemesis gravidarum—in other words, acute morning sickness. She's expected to remain in the hospital for just a few days and will rest at home after.
In fact, it's believed that the royal mama-to-be has not yet hit the 12-week mark, but was forced to announce the pregnancy owing to her hospitalization.
"The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news," the palace said.

Now the papz will be going baby crazy and I can't wait to check out Middleton's maternity style.
Twitter's been abuzz about baby names and one tweet that caught my eye was what if the couple have a baby girl and name it Diana. If the couple does have a daughter and they name it after the Prince's late-mother....there could be another Princess Di!

Throwback Monday

I recently found my burnt copy of Kanye's Late Registration and remembered why I loved Kanye West back in the day before he became cocky and arrogant.
I totally love this song!
It's so nice to see how far these two artists have come since this single.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Britney Spears and Debut "Scream & Shout"

Earlier this week, and Brit Brit debuted the video for their latest collaboration, Scream & Shout.
I think Britney's back to her old ways of speaking in a faux-British accent. The song starts out with  (what I believe) to be Brit talking like an Englishwoman...and then of course in the video, she's just dancing with her arms.
I love the song, the video is a little strange.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gabriel Aubry Files Restraining Order Against Halle Berry's Fiance

Photo from E! News: Richard Beetham / Splash News; Ramey

It was a dramatic thanksgiving at the Berry household.
Her current boo, Olivier Martinez and ex-boo, Gabriel Aubry got into it. According to Aubry, Martinez threatened to kill the model if he didn't let Berry and her 4-year old daughter Nahla move to France. That very threat allowed Aubry to get a restraining order against the French actor.

E! News reports that following Thursday's fight, "Aubry was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. A routine emergency protection order was put into place directly after the holiday brouhaha that, in addition to keeping clear of Berry and Martinez, required Aubry to stay away from daughter Nahla for 72 hours. Berry's lawyer tells E! that they plan on filing for an additional restraining order this week.
Per the restraining order obtained by Aubry today, Martinez, who was treated for reported neck and hand injuries, is required to stay at least 100 yards away from Aubry, who was left with a black eye and a reportedly broken rib. A hearing is scheduled for Dec. 17 on whether to make the TRO permanent.
A source says that two LAPD officers arrived at Berry's home in an unmarked car this afternoon, stayed for about 45 minutes and then left. "

Corey and Topanga Back on TV for "Girl Meets World"

For the past couple of weeks there have been rumors swirling about Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reprising their roles as 90s super-couple Corey and Topanga.
Well, according to Savage's twitter account and Fishel's tumblr, it's happening!

The story plot? Corey and Topanga Matthews are married and have kids. The show is from their daughter's perspective- hence, Girl Meets World.

According to the Huffington Post:
Disney Channel confirms the pilot is still in "very early stages of development" and that a nationwide casting search is still underway for 13-year-old Riley Matthews. "Girl Meets World" will follow Cory (Savage) and Topanga's (Fishel) teen daughter Riley. "Boy Meets World" creator Michael Jacobs is behind the project.
The cast for "Girl Meets World" will also include Maya, Riley's edgy best friend. Sounds a bit like Shawn Hunter to us!
In the new series Cory will be a history teacher, just like his "Boy Meets World" mentor Mr. Feeny.
"I'm very excited for Disney and [creator] Michael Jacobs," William Russ, who played Cory's dad Alan Matthews on the series, said in a statement to HuffPost TV. "They are a great team and will produce an exceptional show, I have no doubt."
Anthony Tyler Quinn, who played Mr. Turner on "Boy Meets World," told HuffPost TV he'd be interested in appearing on the new series.
"'Boy Meets World' was and continues to be these beautiful brushstrokes in my life," he said. "It was a wonderful experience, and I think Michael's going to create something fresh. I'd love to be a part of it."

I hope they bring back as much as the original cast as possible!

Beyonce to Direct Own HBO Documentary
Okay, all members of the Beyhive take a seat.
Queen Bey has teamed up with HBO and will actually direct her own documentary, which will air on Febuary 13th, 2013. 13 days after she performs at the Super Bowl Half-Time show.
The documentary is being called "intimate" and "revealing" and will provide "raw, unprecedented access to the private entertainment icon and high-voltage performances." The film will also include footage shot by Beyonce on her laptop.

I can't wai tto see this because I loved "I Am...World Tour" special.
Hopefully we can see more photos of Blue Ivy.

Throwback Monday

Love this song. Tell me why I only heard it recently? I guess I forgot about it when it came out like 13 years ago.
This song speaks to me.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Katt Williams Melts Down at Oakland Show

Good thing I didn't attend this show, and I wanted to as well!

Katt Williams has a meltdown at his recent show in Oakland.
According to local newspapers, fans who attended the show were disappointed in the lack of jokes , rambling monologues and in the end...Williams getting dragged off-stage by his security after getting into it with a fan.

According to the Contra Costa Times, "Williams was already facing legal trouble over his stop in Oakland, with police arresting him in connection with a Wednesday night brawl aboard a tour van and the man he allegedly assaulted promptly suing for damages."

"After Friday night's show, angry comments from fans poured in on Facebook and Twitter, with some complaining that Williams' show had ended after 10 minutes. Many said they expected a refund; ticket prices ranged from $33 to $94, plus service fees."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Throwback Monday

I still love this song and totally supported the 50/Ciara romance when it was blossoming back in the day.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up

The lovebirds during happier times

Like, OMG! Seriously!? *In my best tween voice
The Biebs and Selena Gomez have broken up and according to E!, it happened a week ago.
I'm sure teenage girls and some adult women are a little excited.

The break-up was supposedly caused by the two's crazy schedules, making it hard to maintain their boo-status.
According to E!:
Rumors that the adorable twosome had split started gaining traction in the last couple of weeks, but hit a high note just last night when Bieber, 18, was spotted seeing The Lion King on Broadway with a group of people that included 19-year-old Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin.
Gomez, 20, and the Biebs went public with their romance in February 2011 when they attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party together.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Celebs Urging You to Vote
via Usher's Instagram
 Okay, so we already know who Nicki Minaj will be voting for in this election.
But it doesn't matter who you're voting for, the only thing that matters is that you vote.
These celebs are getting their vote on. Are you?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Throwback Monday

I used to LOOOOVE this song, and still do. I just bought the remix off iTunes the other day, the remix is way better than the original version.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebs Celebrating Halloween

Over the weekend I celebrated Halloween with some friends. I was my childhood idol Jem!
She's truly outrageous!
Don't worry, I'll post pictures soon.
Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast Super Halloween-ers like Heidi Klum decided to delay the festivities.

Below are some of the celebs who still celebrated anyway! The Rock as The Hulk

via Popsugar: Starting from Left: Lauren Conrad as Mary Poppins, Darren Chris as a Boy Scout,
Lala as a sexy kitty and Kim K. channels Darryl Hannah as a Mermaid and Ryan Seacrest with gf Julianne Hough as Bonnie and Clyde.
Holly Robinson-Peete as Lil' Wayne

Mimi posted this pic of her widdle family with Dembabies via Twitter

NYdailynews: I have no idea what Xtina is supposed to be but her boo is a knight!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Christine Kaurdashian and also a big congratulatory high-five to the San Francisco Giants!
The City has been taken over by a sea of orange and black, but not for All Hallows Eve.
The Giants World of Champions parade is underway as the team wins their 2nd World Series championship in two years.
It's a very exciting time in S.F. Even though I'm an Oakland A's fan, I do like a fairytale story when it comes to sports. The G-Men were counted out and people thought they weren't going to make it this far! Also, players like Barry Zito (who is a former A!) were counted out at the last World Series and here this year....he's one of the main reasons why this team beat St. Louis!
Then, they went on to sweep the Detroit Tigers (whom I hate bc the A's lost to them)!
The last time an NLCS team swept the W.S. was in 1990!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Throwback Monday

Since my birthday is on Sunday. I felt  it only fitting that 50 tell me to "Go Shawty, it's my birthday!"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Monday....a few days late.

I apologize, readers! My posts have been lacking. The Kaurdashian world right now is really crazy right now! However, shame on me for not posting this week's throwback!
Here it is!
It's very fitting considering Halloween is coming up and all my ladies out there are banning bread, alcohol and whatever other vice of theirs to fit into a sassy costume come the weekend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Final Season of MTV's 'Jersey Shore' Airs Tonight

Today is the beginning of the end for MTV's hit show Jersey Shore.
Personally, I'm a little sad and the promos playing the shows dumbest funniest moments with Yesterday by Boyz II Men in the background makes me even more nostalgic.
Even though I personally don't know Snooki, J-Woww, Pauly D., Vinnie, Deena, Mike, Ronnie or Sammi....I feel like I've grown up with them!
From hot-messes at the Shore to now where: Snooki is engaged with a baby!
J-Woww is now engaged to Roger, Pauly's a superstar DJ colloborating with 50 Cent, Sammi's pushing her fragrance, Vinnie's making people aware of anxiety disorders, Deena's gotten veneers, The Situation is trying to be The Rock....but ended up going to rehab and just Ronnie.
It's like seeing your friends progress!
I loved the first couple of seasons of the show and started to get tired of it once the crew went to Italy.
However, after this season I'll have to find another show to fulfill my Thursday nights! Until then I'm looking forward to see how the final season will go.
Oh yeaaaah!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oakland A's Win the AL West Title

The Oakland A's have clinched the AL West Title!
West Siiiiiiiide!
Yours truly has been an A's game since she was a little Kaurdashian!
My first A's game was in 1988 when the A's played L.A. in the World Series. Yes, baby me's first ball game was a World Series' game.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nicki Minaj Cusses Out Mariah Carey

Jeez! I guess all of the rumors swirling around of Nicki and Mimi having beef are real!
TMZ caught this video of Nicki cussing out the Diva over her Divalicious ways!

During auditions in Charlotte, N.C., Minaj threatened "I'm gonna knock you out.." to Mimi causing producers to halt auditions for the rest of the day.
In the video you can see Minaj on the far left, Keith Urban in the middle (trying to keep the peace), Mariah and Randy Jackson on the end.

According to TMZ:
In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nicki is clearly furious ... shouting, "I told them, I'm not f*ckin' putting up with her f*ckin' highness over there."

Sources say Nicki later threatened to "knock out" Mariah ... but that part wasn't captured on tape.

It all went down while the two were sitting at the judge's table ... with Keith Urban sitting in between them and Randy Jackson sitting on the far end, next to Mariah.

We're told the whole thing exploded over a disagreement about a contestant's performance.

According to our friends at, producers ended the auditions for the day so the two judges could cool down.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Confessions of a Beauty Product Junkie: Beauty Products Supporting the Fight Against Cancer

It's October and before you all start thinking about ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and's also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Go out and support the cause by sporting your baby pink ribbons, t-shirts and beauty products!

Check out my latest article on the coolest beauty products out right now that are not only amazing on their own...but a percentage of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Throwback Monday

As soon as this song came on the radio lastnightas one of my favorite station's  Sunday Night Slow Jams...I had to make it today's throwback.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kanye West Sex Tapes Leak
"Kim....Imma let you finish.....but Kanye has the best sex tapes of all time!"

Yes, I said tapes in its plural form!
Looks like Yeezy and Kimmy are more alike that we thought! And, it turns out people who have viewed the tapes are impressed by the artist.
However, West's legal team is sending out cease and desist letters left and right to ban the publication of pictures and footage of the tape.
Supposedly it was stolen from West's computer. obtained a copy of the document Kanye’s lawyer Lisa M. Buckley of Pryor Cashman sent out saing:
“The screen shot as well as the tape from which the screen shot was taken, were illegally obtained and believed to have been stolen from Mr. West’s computer… Posting, advertising, marketing, displaying and otherwise disseminating the stolen screen shot and/or other materials on the tape constitute actionable violations of Mr. West’s privacy and publicity.”
The letter goes on to threaten legal action against anyone who publishes the images and demands information about who has been offering the tape for sale.

According to Radar Online, who exclusively reported the story says:

The tape is nearly 20 minutes long and appears to have been shot in a hotel room with an unidentified female who clearly states at the beginning of the video that she's 18 years old.
The woman also confesses to Kanye that she is married and claims, "My husband and I don't have sex anymore… that's why I'm here!" With her bodacious curves, dusky skin and long black hair the woman is a definite dead ringer for Kim Kardashian has seen the tape in full and can verify without a doubt that it is Kanye in the footage.
During the couple's steamy sex romp, they never kiss and don't interact any further than simply doing the deed, in various positions throughout and with Kanye wearing a condom.
Kanye is clearly aware the romp is being filmed because you can see that he's the one who set up the camera in the beginning and at the end he looks directly into it before switching it off.
According to a San Fernando sex industry insider, the video was shot sometime shortly before Kanye started dating Kim and he is terrified of the tape getting out.
"The sex tape is being shopped right now and there's a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out!" the insider revealed.
"He doesn't want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private.
"If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this!
"In my expert opinion Kanye's performance far outweighs Kim's!"
Ironically, it's Kanye who brags about Kim's sex tape that she made in 2007 with Ray J in his new song, Clique.
"Eat breakfast at Gucci/My girl a superstar all from a home movie," Kanye raps about the XXX video that launched Kim's career.
The insider concludes by telling "Kanye was practically in tears when he heard the tape was being shopped."

Is anyone else weired out that Kanye is getting it on with a Kim look-a-like?
This comes only a week after his former "lovers" claimed that if  the self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don needed to get aroused before sexy-time he'd pop in the Kim and Ray-J video beforehand.