Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Working On My Fitness: Quest Bars

Back in January I joined crossfit.
I didn't know much about it, other than you workout like crazy and their members tend to follow the paleo diet.

After months of being confused by the jargon that accompanies crossfit and committing social suicide on the regular at classes, I've finally got the hang of it.

Every few months my xfit gym does a paleo nutrition challenge and I decided to try it out since it was around my birthday and I wanted to slim down.
It sucked alot for the first couple of weeks until I learned how to make paleo desserts...which I'll of course post later.

Anyways, we were allowed to have protein shakes and bars as well as quinoa..
So this challenge was technically light-weight paleo.
The results were good and I lost 5lbs and some body-fat and such within the 7 week challenge. Of course, I cheated here and there but still..I was pleased by my results.
I'm now on a pseudo-paleo maintenance plan and it's been rough to get back on the horse.

It does help when you come across good food that's approved for the challenge and with that..I've discovered Quest bars.

I'm currently obsessed with the cinnamon roll and cookie dough flavors.

They're amazing!
I got mine at GNC, and with my gold membership a package of 12 was around $23. Yes, it's pricey but worth it when you want a treat without cheating and sacrificing your waistline.

Official Teaser Trailer for San Andreas Starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

                                                                       I cannot wait to see it!!!!

Drake Watch: Drake Disrespects Diddy, So Diddy Clocks Him

********* Update**********
 Since this blog was originally posted, we have an update on why Diddy felt disrespected and it all has to do with the beat on Drizzy's 0-100 single...so he punched him in the shoulder over a song.


Our sources say, producer Boi-1da had given both Diddy and Drake a song to record more than 8 months ago. We're told Diddy sat on the song, which frustrated Drake because he wanted to record it. So recently Drake recorded the song on his own and it did well, which pissed Diddy off.

Diddy saw Drake at LIV Monday for the first time since the song was released. Sources close to Diddy say he confronted Drake, who just blew him off, and that's when Diddy said, "You'll never disrespect me again," and then punched him.

We're told Drake ended up at an ER because in the ruckus he hit his shoulder and exacerbated an old injury.


You've probably seen the tweets and the hilarious memes over the Diddy-Drake altercation at Art Basel in Miami.
If you haven't, please search #drakevsdiddy on Twitter and Instagram...NOW!
Drake, the sensitive rapper we love to poke fun of and Diddy- the OG Hypeman....got.into.a.fight.
Are you dying of laughter yet?
Rumors were swirling that the fight was over Diddy's girl, Cassie.
However, according to TMZ, that isn't the case.
The celeb gossip site says the whole fight was caused by Drake disrespecting Diddy and the Bad Boy mogul wasn't having any of it.
So what'd he do?
Clock Drake outside of the MIA nightclub LIV.
"According to our sources, Diddy confronted Drake just outside LIV nightclub -- where they'd both been partying -- and the topic of conversation was business. During the tete-a-tete, voices were raised and according to eyewitnesses ... Diddy said, "You will never disrespect me" ... and then clocked Drizzy. "

Now....here are the memes, which is the best part about this fracas.

You're welcome.....

Monday, December 8, 2014

Throwback Monday

Heard this song while on my friend's party bus out to Napa and couldn't help but body roll in my seat reminiscing of the 7th grade dances. *heeeey!*

Friday, December 5, 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Product Junkie: 'Mob Wives' star Drita D'Avanzo's Lady Boss makeup line

Check out my latest beauty products article on Mob Wives star Drita D'Avanzo's makeup line.
It ties my love to Mob Wives with my obsession with beauty products.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shopaholism: How to be a Smart Shopper this Holiday Season

It's not secret within my inner circle that I have a shopping problem...
So I used my powers for good this time and with a help of a good friend aka fairy godmother, I got a chance to collaborate with Symantec's Jeff Barto and learn how to shop safely online this holiday season and beyond.

Since I do love to shop, I'm going to feature another portion of my blog to my self-described shopaholism.
In this section I'll showcase what I'm lusting over, what I've purchased or what's in fashion....

                                                                   ....I hate the sound of my voice, but hopefully you don't.