Monday, April 30, 2018

Throwback Monday

                                              Because we know what tomorrow is...
and today NSYNC will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Meek Mill Released From Prison

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After almost six months behind bars, Philly rapper Meek Mill is a free man.
On Tuesday, Pennsylvania's Supreme Court ordered Mill to be released on bail, while he appeals his case.
The case is a 2008 drugs and weapons case.
He served 8 months in prison however probation seemed to linger over him.
Fast forward to November 2017, when a judge sentenced Mill to 2-4 years for violating probation.
Citing two being a reckless driving charge while shooting a music video.
Since Mill's November arrest, he garnered support from members of his community and in Hollywood; citing the country's unjust criminal justice system.
Jay-Z wrote an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times on this matter. Rick Ross, T.I., comedian Kevin Hart, 76ers owner Micheal Rubin and others have all spoken out and hollered Free Meek!
Close to 7pm, Tuesday evening, Mill bounced from the  Pennsylvania State Prison in Chester and hopped on a helicopter.
From there he was joined by Rubin and headed straight to the 76ers playoff game to ring the ceremonial bell.

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Meek posted on social media how he felt about the ruling:

Once Mill was released the congratulations and well-wishes came pouring in.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Drake's New "Nice For What" New Ladies' Anthem

                              I cannot scream YAAASSSS enough to this single, this video, this beat..EVERYTHING! Drizzy dropped the banger on Friday night and it's amazing.
The way Lauryn Hill's Ex-Factor is sampled on this track and the message Drake sends with the Nice for what, for these ____ is everything.
The female empowerment gave me all kinds of feels.
Directed by Karena Evans, who's only 22...this video is great!
Watching Yara kill is wearing her Harvard hoodie.
Issa Rae controlling a boardroom full of older-typical-execs.
Tracee still looking great.
Olivia Wilde stuntin'
Misty Copeland's graceful ballet moves.
Zoe Saldana with her kids.
This video is an anthem for all women.
This is what WE need during the ongoing #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.
We're women...we're strong...powerful...we don't need these f$%kboys....we don't need to be nice.
My favorite line is:
That's a real one in your reflection..
without a follow...
with a mention...
Drizzy, thank you!!  

Throwback Monday

                        Want to feel old? Lady Gaga's first hit single Just Dance turned 10 years old this weekend.
Yes, I know....
*Sings You're Welcome*
The hit single was most of our first introduction to Gaga, which later we became her monsters and she our mother.
Gaga's grown quite a bit in this decade.
As for Akon and Colby O'Donis.....IDK.  
I was drawn to Lady Gaga immediately because of her avant-garde look and she reminded me of my childhood idol, Jem.

Here's to another decade of Gaga and being her monsters. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Throwback Monday

               Throwback Monday, in honor of a happier time when Channing and Jenna first met... and gave us hope... but now we're ALL heartbroken.